10/50 Zen As A Zen Thing

I do have quite a number of issues, true, but can state proudly that there are three things that do NOT bother me in the yoga studio.

Also feeling a bit smug. Thanks.

  1. Music

Some people get driven crazy by the type of music played during class, the volume or lack of. So far, all good. Yep, pretty laid back about the tunes…

Somehow, for someone who feels physically violent when I hear a certain type of breathing, I can take yogic chants or elevator mixes like a pro.

2. Class Size

Photo by Ethan Weil

While I didn’t love some Bikram classes from back in the day when 50 of us were squeezed in, mats overlapping, sharing sweat, there was still an incredible energy we all tapped into. These days, whether it’s a small group or every available mat space is filled, I’m okay.

You heard it here first, props-spreader-outers.

3. Yoga style

For me, the time of class is what generally drives when I practice, not the style of yoga. I used to only practice early in the morning and was totally at the mercy of the timetable but now I’ve become SO easy-going (translates to: can’t wake up because, you know, of all the meds) I could pick and choose if I wanted. So I’m happy to work out the best time for my day and often turn up not even knowing what’s going to be taught. EASY-GOING!

Anything you can’t understand anyone else getting all worked up about? As chilled as me? Just don’t tell me you’re a mouth breather…

Photo Ashes Sitoula

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