11/50 Smug Sunday

1. Smug yoga

Yes, it has a name. For me, anyway.

When I head back to a class on the weekend after not going for a while I tend to be all, wahoo, look at me practicing on a Sunday like a hard-core yogini who NEVER takes off her yoga pants.

I know. Annoying.

I went to a 9.30am this morning and I felt pretty damn virtuous. Shame nobody else made a big deal of it…. Never mind I’ll copy them in on this link in case they want to send a gift basket.

2. Brunch

When I have meetings or coffees with anyone within the (prepare yourself, I’m going to say it) wellness community, it’s never an issue where we go as we’re generally on the same page nutrition-wise. So it’s easy to forget when catching up with friends or family outside this beautiful (privileged) bubble I work in that they might want bacon and eggs.

And that’s fine.

Except going to places that serve staples far removed from plant-based or whole foods can get can get a little tricky for a gal who likes to top off her peanut butter and dark chocolate breakfasts with some clean, green eating.

Tweaking the menu doesn’t always go down well… please, could I have the eggs dish except replace the eggs with mushrooms or organic tofu, avo instead of cheese and no butter. On gluten-free bread (no intolerance, I just like it better).

I understand that some folks might find that a tad wanky.

And then there’s my coffee order.

I could go on. But my point (because there IS a point) is that it’s a foodie instance of yoga off the mat. A little compromise, if you will, between the eggs and egg-nogs. Ba-boom.

(I’m very hungry right now.)

3. Food prep

Which segues nicely into that Sunday chore I see all over Instagram and in my daughter’s flat (I have no words for this except I DO NOT KNOW WHERE SHE CAME FROM) where the squares are filled with people, seemingly happy people, chopping, cutting, whizzing up spreads and allocating meals into containers marked with days of the week.

These people are Food Prepping: A higher level of living that involves intense organisation and healthy proportions. I’ll be honest; I despise them a bit.

One, I’ve made it very clear on my social media platforms that I have stopped cooking. Or doing anything with food at all actually, other than eating it in its given state – out of the jar, out of the vegetable tray or fruit bowl or out of a toaster.

And two, how does anyone know what they want to eat on Thursday? I can’t even wrap my head around it. Such commitment!

I wish I could summon up more energy for this but I’ll stick to my knife in the low-salt crunchy peanut butter and let the preppers do their thang.

I just wish they’d get the hell off Instagram.

It’s not a competition but have you practiced yoga today? Or, sigh, prepped your meals for the week ahead?

Photo by Caroline Attwood

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  • Lisa August 6, 2017, 9:52 pm

    Loving these Jane! Funny and bang on 😂👍

    • Jane August 7, 2017, 1:04 pm

      Thanks so much, Lisa! Mwah! xx