15/50 Time After Time

1. 12pm

I have cried quite a lot today already. Such fun!

Once, of laughter as my girl is FUNNY and a few other times from frustration, blah-ness, more frustration, sadness and overwhelmingly feeling overwhelmed and under-inspired. Possibly also caused a leeeetle from hormones.


2. 3.33pm

An auspicious time on the numerology charts. I’m not sure why but lots of people screenshot this and for the last few days I’ve checked my phone at this exact moment. Who knows what magic this will bring?!

I’m thinking fortune beyond belief, world peace and sleep. Alternatively, a simple salary, no more of the orange man and a long nap would suffice. I’m a simple gal.

I’ll take a break though and check this out. I’m sure it won’t take long.

3. 7.36pm

Right now I’m listening to a podcast about how to incorporate stepchildren into your life (like a grown up Girl Guide, prepared for EVERYTHING) and in my bathroom the radio is on. I can hear ads. If I had staff I’d call out to Gerard (the butler) to turn it off.

I am writing this blog at my desk, a bit cynical as a parent breaks down their ex-partner’s text message, interspersed with getting down on the floor and doing random postures and BREATHING DEEPLY.

At the same time I’m eating a bowl of oats for dinner with some maca powder in there for good luck. This is the third bowl of oats due to running out of peanut butter and broccoli. I’m a medical marvel. Which is nice, and a bit worrying.

I think it’s fair to say multi-tasking is not one of my strong points. Absolutely nothing is getting done. (I have also learnt that there’s a huge amount of navigation in blending families and step parenting is no walk in the park.)

The day is almost over and I seem to be just getting started.

I need to regroup. I need a Gerard.

Do I sound despondent? I’m actually not. Just verging on the brink of slight madness…
How was your day? Use your time wisely?

Photo by Sonja Langford

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