17/50 Winning

1. Lotto

If I ever win Lotto (and I like to set my imaginary budget above the 10 million mark) then I am set. Totally organised and ready to go. Apart from setting up my little family, helping other people we like and saving the world initially I would try and put some aside, or if you want to get fancy, invest (it’s like speaking in tongues to me, this sort of talk!), to continue doing the above.

I would be a World Saver with great shoes.

But my big splurge would be travel. All the places I haven’t been and the ones I’d like to see again in the light of day (thinking of you Mykonos, circa 1990). Each trip I’d immerse myself in living as a local, hunt down every yoga studio, the best cafes and waft around being a bit fabulous.

I’d wear heels over cobblestones without tripping, bikinis on white sandy beaches without sucking in my stomach and without doubt (FOR SURE) I would speak any language flawlessly. Also, no cooking ever.

First step though is to actually buy a ticket and I’d very much appreciate it if you didn’t. Better odds apparently.

2. The wallet

Once, at the time when oh, my lawdy, we could have done with any type of Lotto win I found a wallet in the supermarket. It was so full of $100 notes it couldn’t close. It was a big, fat, humungous chunk of dosh.

I wanted to marry it.

There was a moment when we looked at each other, my poverty-stricken husband and I, and then looked back at the stash of cash.

Then we handed it in at the customer service desk and went home to cry into our two-for-one Chinese special.

I feel like there should be more of a lesson here.

3. Work

The husband mentioned above, whom I still quite like, and myself work hard, damn hard. And at this stage of The Yoga Connection, I do not contribute much financially at all. (Of course, I’m delightful company and can arrange a room like nobodies business. But that’s pretty much it.)

Like many self-employed people, we work late at night, weekends and don’t take holidays. I mean; it’s a fun gig, people!

So dreams of winning big and setting up safety nets for all and sundry is a respite from the day-to-day stress of getting by. Though whether we continue to winter in, ah, Auckland or actually pack a kaftan and head for the warmth of faraway lands is always going to come down to us.

We’ll keep at it. I’ll set up my laptop in front of Netflix and my daughter will ring and ask me what I’ve had for dinner and tsk a bit (a lot. That girl can tsk). Then I’ll check out the best flight deals and huddle closer to the heater.

Money’s a funny topic, isn’t it. I feel like it’s a no-no in the yoga and wellness industry to a degree but at the same time everyone’s scrambling to make a living. What do you think? A bit more transparency or keep it off the mat? Love to know …

Photo by Vitaly

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  • Lisa August 12, 2017, 7:18 pm

    ❤️ Good girl for handing it in. I knew you were that type of person! Money = security and independence for me so it is important. But it has to be worked hard for and it’s about getting the balance right between happy work versus what is enough. Yoga helps with understanding the balance. Xx

    • Jane August 13, 2017, 8:42 pm

      So agree! But I do find it tricky, the language around it and standing my ground. Living and learning… xxx