18/50 It’s The Little Things

1. A leap of faith

Filled out a form and didn’t get anyone else to check it over. And over, and over…

Put myself out there, Big Time.

2. A leap of faith doesn’t always work

If you get in the car to drive to your class 10 minutes before it starts you’re definitely putting it out there to the universe.

Sometimes the universe says, you’re too late, sucker.

3. And sometimes it does

Said no to something that once I would’ve felt obliged to do for nothing.

Tomorrow I’m going to front up and say no to further things I don’t have time for, things that will have to come second to what I need to do for TYC.

Feels good.

What have you taken a chance on lately? Said no to something or someone? Would love to know how it worked out for you… x

Photo by Edu Lauton

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