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Featured Yogi: Sheila

Jane Featured Yogi

Name: Sheila O’Connor Years teaching: Almost 1 Years practicing: Almost 6 Favourite yoga style: Vinyasa Flow What do you remember about your first yoga class that made you want to return? The sweat, the feeling of my heart racing, the flow of breath through my body, my final Savasana and the feel-good factor as I walked out of the studio! …

JaneFeatured Yogi: Sheila
gut health

Gut Health

Jane Health

Getting familiar with your gut isn’t something that immediately comes to mind when you consider your yoga practice. We bend and stretch, constrict and expand, twist and turn, all the time trying to remember to breathe. You’d think all that lovely movement must bring digestive relief but it’s not something I’d considered in the same way as wondering if there …

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tools of the trade

Tools Of The Trade

Jane Philosophy, Yoga

So. The website’s up and humming. Studios are being contacted and listed. Events are being posted. I’ve left a proper grown up message on my phone and I’m hoping to eventually master the art of a spreadsheet. It’s one of those times in life when you’re super busy-in-a-good-way and its all a bit exciting. There was even a day last …

JaneTools Of The Trade
tyc - post 1

Shiny, Happy People

Jane Philosophy, Yoga

If you’re a regular type of yogi and tend to practice at the same times you’ll probably notice when some brave soul is taking their first class. Whether they arrive super early or at the absolute last minute, there’s that slight hesitation at the door, a squaring of the shoulders, and a glance at the clock for reassurance. It’ll be …

JaneShiny, Happy People
2. adrenal fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue

Jane Health

One of the many things that yoga has brought into my life is a better awareness of my makeup – both inside and out. Of course this isn’t remotely interesting to anyone other than myself but I’ve found it fascinating! Calmer? Why yes, I am actually, thanks for noticing. Muscles in places where you never knew you could have muscles? …

JaneAdrenal Fatigue
Featured Yogi section of The Yoga Connection, yoga, yoga teachers, New Zealand

Featured Yogi: Fiona

Jane Featured Yogi

  Name: Fiona Liu Years teaching: 5 Years practicing: 6 Studio owner: 3 years, Hot Yoga Auckland Favourite yoga style: If I have to choose only one – Yin Your first type of yoga class and why you went back: It was a gentle Hatha yoga practice in a heated room. I was hooked after my first class as I …

JaneFeatured Yogi: Fiona

A First Post

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I’m pretty good at keeping secrets but I’m not so great at piping down when I get excited about something. You could say I come from a family of enthusiastic types – the exclamation mark is our friend! So it was particularly hard to keep quiet about The Yoga Connection until it was up and running because it’s been on …

JaneA First Post