Note To Self: Keep It Light

One night recently a light bulb blew in the hallway. The next morning one of the lights in the bathroom didn’t switch on with the others and then later the same day the kitchen and laundry lights ka-poofed. I made a mental note: Let there be light. And then promptly forgot. When I did remember… Read More

The Art Of Persuasion

My studio has a nice little incentive where you accrue points towards free passes or a new towel simply by coming to class. Extra points are given for bringing along a new person or having someone say you recommended the studio to them. Slowly but surely the points build up and then you get this… Read More


My alarm was set for 5.20am which is really 5.10am but I was already awake and turned it off at 5.15am and got out of bed and (did I call X back last night? Or did I forget again? I can’t forget again, I need to write things down or was X supposed to ring… Read More

Nutrition And Cancer

The best thing about meeting people within the health and wellness industry is that they have such passion for their work. It was no exception when Nutrition, Sports and Biomedical Specialist Kaytee Boyd spoke at a recent ecostore #OnlyGoodStuff event of the benefits nutrition can offer in the protection of, or aid in, the recovery… Read More

Lost In Translation

Padagusthasana Pashimottonasana… That’s a fancy way of saying Forward Big Toe Bend. It sounds more exotic the first way, even if it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and I’m always super impressed when my teachers casually weave Sanskrit words into their classes. (I do like to think they spend a lot time practicing in… Read More


When spring sprung a few weeks back there was a lot of focus in the studio on the wood element, of being grounded, regrowth and new beginnings, all fitting in rather nicely with the change of season. And at the heart of it was this idea of connection - with ourselves, family and friends, and… Read More