Oranges For Your Stocking

The sun’s out today and it smells summery. It really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Hurrah! We’re all about the Pohutukawas and cicadas and the warm, disintegrating rubbery feel of your yoga mat after leaving it outside for too long. It’s the right time for saying thank you very much for supporting… Read More

Pay It Forward

As easy as it is to talk about how crazy and busy and stressful life is right now, I’m happy to report there’s a sense of goodwill in the air that, if you squint at it from a certain angle, has the ability to override the somewhat overwhelming elements of Christmas. So let’s focus on… Read More

Prep Work

Many Auckland studios are now accepting bookings for their teacher training courses taking place next year. Which means an influx of new teachers will eventually be out there in all their glorious just-graduated glow and we yogis get to reap the benefits of their enthusiasm and unwavering desire to make us happy. (I know! It’s… Read More


Today isn’t the Friday I had on my calendar at the beginning of the week. I didn’t make it to my yoga class this morning, the post I was going to put up was all sorts of wrong so I ditched it, and then I went to a funeral instead of a Christmas party. All… Read More


There’s talk of being present and the fire element and tuck those ribs in and are you going to Wanderlust? That’s what I’m hearing in the studio at the moment and these words resonate as much as they slide around not wanting to commit to being heard just yet. This morning though, one word got… Read More