New Teachers Holly + Mati

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for a short time or many years, at one point or another the idea of Teacher Training has probably crossed your mind. If you belong to a studio that offers the training you’ve probably witnessed some significant transformations take place or noticed the reappearance of yogis who’ve trained elsewhere returning… Read More

Five Things: Wanderlust Festival

                With Jacque Halsted (Brand Manager Downunder) and Jonnie Halsted (Festival Director Downunder)   - The Journey This journey began well over a year and a half ago. Before we were even sure we were bringing Wanderlust down under we had set our sights on Great Lake Taupo… Read More

Commitment Issues

Robert Browning - The best is yet to be. It’s a new year and affirmations and resolutions and inspirational quotes are tripping over themselves to be affirming and inspiring and, yeah, you got this! resolute. I’m hoping you’ve had your fill of them as I don’t actually have anything to add. I like the idea… Read More

The News

Well, hello! I’m just popping in here between these two fabulous Featured Yogis to let you know with the appropriate amount of exclamation marks and somewhat subdued fanfare that when the Blog proper starts back next week there will be some exciting new changes and ideas being put into action! As we promise here it’s… Read More