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Featured Yogi: Nikki

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Name: Nikki Ralston Years teaching: 7 years Years practicing: 15 years Studio: Urban Ashram 2 years Favourite yoga style: The Ralston Method!         What is the Ralston Method? Developing the Ralston Method has given me the freedom to grow and evolve in a non-dogmatic way and respect all linages of yoga. I bring together the different styles …

JaneFeatured Yogi: Nikki
plane yoga

Yogini On A Plane

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I wish I were one of those people. One of those people who travels like a pro; who deftly lies down in the middle aisle at 10,000 kms and gracefully stretches out into a cool Hanumanasana before dabbing lavender oil on their pulse points, wrapping their hand-painted linen scarf around their shoulders and drifting off into a state of meditative bliss even while …

JaneYogini On A Plane
upside down

Upside Down

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

Every day I throw myself against a wall. Not intentionally of course. Some days I prep well and align my shoulders and draw everything in that should be drawn in and float, float I’m telling you, up, up and away. Then I break that beautiful moment by thinking I don’t need this wall and fall. My handstands. They don’t happen …

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Five Things: Acupuncture

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With Marise Henry Acupuncture –  The Point Acupuncture can help with most things, as it is a holistic health treatment. Whether it is treating pain-related issues, injury or on-going pain; women’s health issues such as painful, irregular or absent/heavy/non-stop periods; fertility concerns and IVF support; wellbeing issues such as stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, just not feeling ‘right’; it can usually …

JaneFive Things: Acupuncture
Featured Yogi section of The Yoga Connection, yoga, yoga teachers, New Zealand

Featured Yogi: Julie

Jane Featured Yogi

Years teaching: 1.5 years Years practicing: Regularly for about 6 years, sporadically for twice that long Studio: Yoga Mama, 15 months Favourite yoga style: Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative         Was your initial yoga experience positive? I used to suffer sedentary desk jockey woes – sore back, neck and shoulders. I remember yoga really making a difference so it …

JaneFeatured Yogi: Julie
five bucks update

Update – Five Bucks Fund

Jane Yoga Stories

              In our first newsletter we featured yogi Veronica Shumack. She created the Five Bucks Fund to help rebuild in the Philippines after 2013’s Typhoon Yolanda. You can read her story here and be impressed by her dedication to follow through on wanting to be a catalyst for change. We were, and thought this is the …

JaneUpdate – Five Bucks Fund
five - beauty

Five Things: Trilogy Skincare

Jane Beauty, Five Things

                            With Corinne Morley, the in-house beauty expert for New Zealand natural skincare brand Trilogy –        The Hero Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is our hero product and signature ingredient. It’s also the base of our trademarked antioxidant complex, Rosapene™, a pure seed oil blend …

JaneFive Things: Trilogy Skincare


Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

I’m back from Wanderlust, that festival of festivals that has been soaked in all things yoga; given you a big spoon and said, dig in. That festival. Although it ran over four days I had a one-day pass that I used to fit in as much as possible and had myself an experience that was different from any festival I’ve …