Teaching Kids

Getting little ones on the yoga mat is a sign of the times. Thank goodness! If your own yoga journey started as an adult and you’re reaping the benefits, it seems only natural to encourage and support children to start as early as possible. Many studios offer yoga classes for kids, usually run as a… Read More

Sugared Up

I’ve never really followed the savoury food or sweet food rule, where you swear allegiance to favour one over the other. I favour both equally well, thank you very much, and am all for the cheese board and the tiramisu. I get the fervour that accompanies something like Paleo because I get that when something… Read More


The yoga studio can be a confronting place. No matter how long you’ve been practicing or how often, to walk in with very little clothing on, maybe to face a wall of mirrors is to see yourself from head to toe, and to be seen from head to toe. Sometimes you don’t like what you… Read More

In our January newsletter we spoke to Jen Wilson about her voluntary work with Off The Mat, Into The World, the organisation that aims to harness the power of yoga to inspire and support conscious, sustainable activism, and to ignite grassroots social change.  (How incredible is that intention, 'harness the power of yoga'?!) Since then a… Read More

            With Little Bird's Megan May -  Going Raw I had been sick for a long time, spent every penny we had on healthcare and was unable to work. Needless to say I was very frustrated with the situation, and I felt like I had nothing to lose. I stopped… Read More

Yogini Under A Palm Tree

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind visit to Fiji and Samoa. A work trip that was supposed to end with three days of nothing except sun, books, a translucent lagoon and some sweet yoga on a mat of springy sea grass. Except it wasn’t to be. Delayed flights, cancelled flights and a stay in hospital… Read More