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Seeing India

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Serve, Love and Give. That’s the yogic way of life that takes Swami Yogamani (above, right) of Manipura Yoga Centre back to the Medical Eye Camp in the heart of rural India each year to help with paediatric treatment and care. Not only that, she organises and leads a group of like-minded people to join her in volunteering and experiencing …

JaneSeeing India
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Featured Yogi: Ellen

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            Name: Ellen Adoko Studio owner: Achel Hot Yoga – Botany + Manukau – I have been a studio owner for 6 years Years teaching: 8 years Years practicing: 11 years Favourite yoga style: Currently any yoga in a hot room What time of the day do you prefer to practice? In the mornings before …

JaneFeatured Yogi: Ellen
holistic happiness

Holistic Happiness

Jane Health

I don’t think there are many of us who’ve come to yoga without some baggage. Even if you’re not aware of it initially, give it some time and it’s possible you’ll be sobbing through a savasana or heart opener before you can say, 20 kilos over? But I barely packed any shoes! Such is the nature, the wondrous, blissful, mysterious …

JaneHolistic Happiness

Five Things: Malas

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                                        With Mala Earth’s Rebecca Agent – Mala Love Mala is a Sanskrit word, meaning garland, and simply put, Malas are ancient prayer beads. They have been worn for thousands of years in the traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism and yoga for …

JaneFive Things: Malas
Featured Yogi section of The Yoga Connection, yoga, yoga teachers, New Zealand

Featured Yogi: Denise

Jane Featured Yogi

Name: Denise Ferguson Years teaching: 10 years Years practicing: 12 years going to class/20 years meditation + study Studio owner: 8 years Yoga Sanctuary Favourite yoga style: Vinyasa + Yin How did yoga become part of your life? It slowly weaved its way in. I never put pressure on myself to practice, rather I felt naturally drawn to it more …

JaneFeatured Yogi: Denise
icing on the weekend

Icing On The Weekend

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

When I enter details for all the yoga events on this website I’m always struck by how many different styles of yoga and meditation there are. So many! It’s exciting to see and I’m itching to experiment. (And to keep Learning with a capital L because that’s the best kind of class, don’t you think? When you leave wearing invisible …

JaneIcing On The Weekend
pretty present

Pretty Present

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

I’m an introverted show-off. I know this because the internet told me so. I also have type A tendencies and pitta is my primary dosha. Again, information courtesy of the worldwide web as I procrastinate like a champ when life gets overwhelming. No matter what needs doing if I carefully place my bowl of second breakfast (yes) on top of …

JanePretty Present