Rethinking Stress

When asked how you are, do you find yourself always making a point of saying you’re busy or tired or stressed? Whether you’re at that stage of fighting back tears because you’re overwhelmed with busyness or you’ve perfected the self-deprecating shrug of ugh, so crazy I barely eat lunch any more or the frenetically paced Icantbelievehowmuchihavetodoidonthavetimetobreathe… Read More

                          With Tracey Wheeler of T.A Inc – The Real Deal I have been interested in health, wellbeing and food from a very young age. I grew up in a rural environment and was able to see first hand the relationship between how… Read More

If Only

Beatific mamas-to-be are filling my Instagram feed and glowing youthful newbies are sharing my classes at the moment. I’ve noticed the former as I lug my waaaaaay past pregnancy bod around and the latter as they place their pristine new mats down next to mine. And I can’t help thinking that if I’d only had… Read More

Loved Up, Rained Out

I use the word ‘love’ a lot. A LOT, a lot. I say I love it! for when someone’s just said something killer, as much as I say I love my family or I love reading or I love coffee. I also say I love my yoga. I say I love it when I’m on… Read More