Drink O’Clock

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! The happy mantra of many can be heard across the land as we mark the end of a long work day, a long week, a birthday, a barbecue, a good day, a bad day or as we gratefully reach for it to help bolster us through dinner with those small humans… Read More

Around Here

I dreamt last night I practiced in a swimsuit. An ill fitting one-piece with a low, low cut front and faded blousy flowers. I was in a class that took place in a supermarket, a steaming hot fruit and veges section to be exact, yet I seemed to be the only person dressed for the… Read More

Last Week

Last week, I was all over the place in terms of times and studios for my classes. Quite unlike me as usually the only absolute I have in my day is my yoga and that includes the time and place, and exactly where I place my mat.* But sometimes life has a way of changing… Read More