Putting Out A Welcome Mat

By now you’ll have seen the pictures many times, the one of a three-year-old boy called Aylan Kurdi in particular. Washed up on a Turkish beach, Aylan had drowned as his family tried to flee from Kobani to Europe. At first, like me you may have thought he was being carried alive from the water… Read More

Small Things Right Now

Changing seasons. Warmth. Blossom and Tuis. Lighter mornings. New yoga pants. Almond milk lattes. Raw chocolate. Unexpected smiles. Hope. Risk-taking. Fresh sheets. Paying it forward quietly. Daisies. Late night conversations. Kitchen bench crow pose. Kindness. Always kindness. Books you never want to end. Kiwi idiosyncrasies. Laughing. Savansana head-rubs and toe-pulls. - Jane x [line] You… Read More

Spring Elements

A few things that took place on the mat (and off) this week – Side bends and hip stretches. I am feeling them. I am feeling them a lot. Seems there is more to this season than blossom and lambs and lighter mornings. Yoga associates Spring with the wood element in Chinese medicine meaning it’s… Read More

Ever The Land

If you’re a yogi, a pretty nice human being and you’re here I’m going to make a big call and suggest you care about the environment, our land and about our people. This is why we’re friends. And although the International Film Festival’s been and gone in Auckland, there was a documentary I saw that’s… Read More

The Other Side

You know that saying ‘the grass is always greener’? Well, I’ve been living that lately. No matter how much I try and override it I’ve reverted back to that time when I would be on my way to a uni exam looking longingly out of the bus window wishing I was every single person on… Read More