My Town

Song title streets. Cafes that know your order. Ponsonby pooches, Waiheke wineries. Small bookshops. Two harbours and city beaches. Eighty-plus yoga studios. The bridge. Slithery, invasive traffic. Road rage. New suburbs, old money. VillasBungalowsTerraces, no space. Green coned parks. All shades of humans. Chinese food. European cars. Stylised beards and shiny new faces. Middle-aged activists… Read More

Fifty-Four Things

I’ve been thinking about being brave. It’s an idea that’s often touched on in class, the implicit suggestion that bravery, something I’ve always thought of as a majestic, loud kind of show is more often found in the smaller, backstage details. Somehow that all makes sense on the mat. They say, place your palms up… Read More