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Featured Yogi: Claire

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Name: Claire Robbie Studio: Movement LAB and one-on-one individual classes Years teaching: 6 Years practicing: 10 Favourite yoga style: Yin and Power Yoga Do you have a favourite yoga pose at the moment? I always love a good pigeon and Trikonasana – Triangle Pose. It all depends on how I’m feeling in my body and what I want to get …

JaneFeatured Yogi: Claire
Wanderlust Taupo - The Yoga Connection

Wanderlust’s New Zealand Teachers – View From The Stage

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If you follow any NZ yogis on social media then your feed over the last little while may have been a tad overloaded with Wanderlust pics from all those photo-savvy humans who remembered to take a brilliant shot leaping into the air in front of the perfect photo-ready sign. Some of us didn’t. But I did pick up a taste …

JaneWanderlust’s New Zealand Teachers – View From The Stage
The Yoga Connection - Featured Yogi: Nic Robson

Featured Yogi: Nik

Jane Featured Yogi

Name: Nik Robson Studio: Unattached Years teaching: 3 Years practicing: 5 Favourite yoga style: Yin What time of the day do you prefer to practice? Sunrise and sunset. I like to harmonise with the rhythms of nature. What has been a major influence on your yoga journey? Getting injured. A divine sign from my body to slow down and tune …

JaneFeatured Yogi: Nik