46/50 The Short And Short Of It

1. Oh, so this is jet lag

I conquered the subway one way (not so much the other), walked the Highline, did three solid floors of the Whitney, took a punt on the train home (wrong one) and walked from 2-ish – 5.30pm trying to remember where the apartment is (phone had run out of battery). Feet bleeding, seriously lost, flagged down a cab and we took a tour of the WHOLE of Upper Manhattan until I recognised my building.

I must have walked a third of the island. Also, west and east. What?!

Finally, FINALLY, got home, locked myself, got myself in, lay down on bed like a starfish and woke about an hour ago.

If I’d had the staff I need, I could’ve had them stand on the bed and take a fab flat lay.

2. Missed yoga

Wanted to go to a 6.30pm Bikram class.

Don’t think I’ll ever move again so I’ll consider this a pass.

3. Much to tell you

Don’t know if you were following along on my Insta Stories until my phone ran out but after that everywhere I went, everything I saw, I was thinking about what I’d write when I got home.

Russian mafia, fashion models, paparazzi, muslim and jewish meeting, mayoral candidate on subway, historic apartments in old Harlem, Penn Station, subway voices, New York ladies, friendly help, taxi drivers and an in-depth realisation of gorgeous freedom, doing exactly what I want (well, obviously I would’ve wanted to find my way back, have carried my charger with me and probably pinned my address on the front of me) but we’ve got tomorrow.

It’s just after 12. Can we count this as the 10th? I won’t tell if you don’t.

New day, new depths of conversation!

It was a day! And the best city to have it in!
Hope yours was a goodie x

Photo by Tobias Zils

漏 The Yoga Connection 2017

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