9/50 Older And Bolder

  1. A gift

When I was younger I didn’t think of my body as a gift. Even after coming through some close calls that broke bones and damaged my insides, I didn’t connect the healing process as something I was a part of. I think I assumed it would either fix itself or not and don’t ever remember making the connection that I could help with the recovery.

Ah, youth.

Then when it was baby days I didn’t have any friends going through pregnancy and birth at the same time as me so any wonder and delight was sort of kept to myself. It wasn’t till I started practicing yoga after years of gyms and running and fitness trends that I became fully aware of my body as my body. I’ve slowly learnt to appreciate my strength and flexibility through balancing poses and twists and more incredibly, found that beautiful part of my mind that is constantly, consciously shifting old, negative perceptions for the power of positive self-awareness.

I am nothing, if not a fast learner.

I’m also very much a realist. Sometimes I think, what a load of crap. I question the whole so-called yogic philosophies that, like any aged texts, can be interpreted in different ways. And are! Some words resonate like lightning bolts; others take some time to work through. No matter what though, my whole being craves being on the mat and breathing through the flows, the alignments, the long holds and solving head games that nobody else is playing except me.

Yoga only came into my life at 42 when lots of lucky people had already worked this stuff out. I’d had a series of epiphanies* that led me to today, at 49 and a half (ok, three-quarters) that lets me continue learning, that makes me want to reach deeper into my practice. When I drove off like a loon this afternoon to end up sitting in traffic panicking I’d miss my class it was because I knew how, no matter how frazzled I arrived, that I’d leave feeling infinitely better. I always do.

*A word I have always loved for no reason other than I learnt what it meant when I was quite young and used it at every opportunity in a possibly precocious manner. But I’m certainly not trying to gasconade.

2. Sniffing


3. Maya Angelou

I’ve come across this quote three times today so I’m taking it as a sign I need to share it. Love it.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and do so with some passion, some compassion,
some humour and some style.” – Maya Angelou

Are you with me on the body appreciation train?

Photo by Farsai C.

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  • CJ Telford August 4, 2017, 9:58 pm

    Love this Jane! I thrashed my body through my 20’s (had a great time too!) then my 30’s were spent pregnant, breastfeeding, pregnant over and over until 4 beautiful children joined our family, now in my 40’s I’m finally sitting up and listening to this amazing body of mine, I’m able to stop berating it and begin appreciating it. One of the pleasures of growing older is being able to appreciate what you have while you have it CJ xx

    • Jane August 4, 2017, 10:35 pm

      Yes! Exactly! It just shows there are great things about growing older… I feel better and kinder about myself now than I ever did. Thanks for your comment, beauty xxx

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