A First Post

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can*

– Arthur Ashe**

I’m pretty good at keeping secrets but I’m not so great at piping down when I get excited about something. You could say I come from a family of enthusiastic types – the exclamation mark is our friend! So it was particularly hard to keep quiet about The Yoga Connection until it was up and running because it’s been on my mind constantly.

Lately the studio changing room has been a frustrating test for me. Every time someone mentioned a workshop or I’d meet someone trying a class for the first time I’d be bursting to talk about the site and how it could work for them. It wasn’t until I had something to show (thanks to the fabulously talented Pamela) that I felt I could casually throw into the conversation that we had the answer to, well, almost anything yoga-ish going on in town.

(Actually, if I’m honest I’ve been equally excited and apprehensive. All my dealings with studio owners and teachers have been as a student. They’ve always been lovely but maybe it’s part of their job description that they have to like you or at the very least act like they do. Would they want to be part of this? Or had I got it all wrong? And so on, but with a lot more flailing and drama.)

What I’m hoping is that this will be somewhere Auckland’s yoga community will check in and share what’s going on, where you can find what you’re looking for easily and quickly. I hope you pop over here too. I’d like to talk about yoga, wellness and health, and life and people and food. Who doesn’t like to talk about food! Without getting too Kumbaya about it I love my yoga and the friends I’ve made over the last few years, and The Yoga Connection has come about because it gives me such pleasure to think I can contribute to helping more people make that connection too.

– Jane

*This caught my eye and I thought it was nicely appropriate as a reminder for each and every yoga class we practice and for me and this website. Me, in that having an idea was one thing, making it a reality was another. I just had to start somewhere. Having those words at the top of the page helped me get going.

**I had to google Arthur Ashe, as I’d never heard of him. He was a great tennis player. Which is another kind of exercise apparently.

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