Please vote for me in the Weleda Global Garden Competition: All you have to do is click on the link above and heart my application. And then I will love you forever. I don’t say that lightly. 1. Platform statement The Weleda Global Garden Competition is an AMAZING opportunity to travel the world. And… Read More

20/50 After Class

1. The sprinkles Driving home from yoga tonight I heard a couple of young men on the radio discussing how ridiculous it was that a mother on Facebook made a fuss regarding confectionary sprinkles. Yup, sprinkles. Apparently Countdown Supermarket had labelled their pink sprinkles for girls and the blue for boys. The young men (I’m… Read More

19/50 Every. Single. Thing.

1. Rejection So, I put myself out there and it didn’t work out. And I’m ok, I think. Firstly, yoga. I know, I know, but really, for me, my response to certain emotive situations has been hugely, magnificently helped by my practice. I breathe in, I breathe out, I acknowledge what I’m feeling and I… Read More

18/50 It’s The Little Things

1. A leap of faith Filled out a form and didn’t get anyone else to check it over. And over, and over… Put myself out there, Big Time. 2. A leap of faith doesn’t always work If you get in the car to drive to your class 10 minutes before it starts you’re definitely putting… Read More

17/50 Winning

1. Lotto If I ever win Lotto (and I like to set my imaginary budget above the 10 million mark) then I am set. Totally organised and ready to go. Apart from setting up my little family, helping other people we like and saving the world initially I would try and put some aside, or… Read More

1. Tuis I love these loud, brash, colourful birds. As soon as the two trees in front of my office blossomed they swooped on in, ready to party. Alarmingly the branches lower to breaking point as they sip on nectar, fighting and falling and displaying all the signs of drunken disorder. They don’t care that… Read More

15/50 Time After Time

1. 12pm I have cried quite a lot today already. Such fun! Once, of laughter as my girl is FUNNY and a few other times from frustration, blah-ness, more frustration, sadness and overwhelmingly feeling overwhelmed and under-inspired. Possibly also caused a leeeetle from hormones. BUT NOBODY BETTER TELL ME THAT. 2. 3.33pm An auspicious time… Read More

14/50 Drive With Me

1. Bragging rights. Of a sort I’ve never had shingles, head lice or an STD. 2. Little white lies I tell. Sometimes It’s fine if your children play in my wardrobe. Thank you, I love soup. Yes, happy to lend you my roll-on deodorant, stranger. 3. Stages of being on the road. Unfortunately We begin… Read More

It’s often suggested in class to ‘let things go’ which, I find, as easy as being told to ‘calm down’. To be clear: not easy. I don’t actually dwell on things so much as sometimes have a little wonder, a little, what if? Yoga is all about being present and NOT thinking at 4am as… Read More

12/50 Yoga Confessional

1. All the books I’m a reader. Always have been. No matter how late (or medicated) I go to bed I have to read my book before I turn the light out. And it will be a book of fiction* or possibly a memoir or some poetry, not one of the few yoga/spiritual type books… Read More