2018! So Far!

in Small Things

1. The fridge is downstairs Having sold my beloved fridge (the heartache was real, people) we are now having to use the downstairs one which is... downstairs. This means, somewhat surprisingly to me, that every single time I go to use it I have to go down a lot of steps. This is an exhausting… Read More

Farewell 2017!

in Three Things

1. Thanks for making me 50 Seriously, I mean that. Next year apparently I'm going to be 51 and I’m into it, withered old limbs and all. Young or old you’ll be living this with me. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. Sorry. 2. Thanks for reminding me that life goes on I’m not trying to… Read More

Ho, Ho, Ho

in Three Things

1. Christmas trees Every year at a certain moment, I'll notice the first Pohutukawa trees in bloom and my heart feels good. These New Zealand natives with their bright, red flowers are the essence of Christmas feels for me. Then a song or two hits the spot (not Mariah Carey*) and we're all on. *No… Read More

1. Pros You're at home! Clothes are optional! You don't have to partake in Casual Friday or buy coffee for anyone else. Sometimes you can put your head down on your laptop and hum. Or jump up and down for no reason whatsoever. You can lie down on your yoga mat and pretend you're practicing… Read More

Dear Jane

in Dear Jane, Three Things

1. Dear Jane, As a yogi I'm all about giving back to the community and this year I suggested to my family that we offer our services on Christmas Day by serving meals or cleaning dishes where we are needed. They all said no. Any suggestions on how I can get them to see the… Read More

Hard Things

in My Yoga, Three Things

1. The phone call Today I had to ring my mother and kind of break her heart. It's the hardest phone call I've ever made to her and she cried and I cried and then she blew my mind, like she always does. She turned around within minutes something that is the worst case scenario… Read More

Best Tips Ever

in Three Things

1. Decluttering I'm moving house just after Christmas. Hurrah. Instead of starting to sort things I've been interneting the fork out of fabrics to reupholster our sofa and find a new desk for me. And ALL I can find is a vast array of organic rescued twigs smoothed out for a cool twenty-one zillion buckeroos… Read More

Dear Jane

in Dear Jane, Three Things

1. Dear Jane, I always like to go for a decent run first thing Christmas morning but this year I'll be staying with my new in-law's and they think it's a strange thing to do. Do I insist on going or leave it and eat carbs for breakfast which I know will upset my digestion… Read More

Pattern Recognition

in Three Things

1. Other drivers All day, every day, I curse at other drivers. Before yoga, after yoga and sometimes during yoga (thinking about you Mr Wagging-Your-Finger at me when I was obviously late to class and you were going thirty in a fifty zone AND it seems you could lip read) I jump from completely neutral… Read More

1. First gear I drive an automatic. The only car we ever bought from new about a million years ago and that hasn't cost us an arm and a leg because it's boring. It's silver and it's boring. Unlike the gorgeous old numbers we (me) fell in love with because I liked to fancy myself… Read More