Yoga Bodies

If you’ve been around the yoga world long enough you will have heard the mantra, yoga is for EVERY body, a lot. A lot, a lot. And for good reason, it’s true! Although just as probably you’ve heard rumblings of disapproval over Instagram images or teachers who venture into the fitness side of classes. All… Read More

Wanderlust Taupo - The Yoga Connection

If you follow any NZ yogis on social media then your feed over the last little while may have been a tad overloaded with Wanderlust pics from all those photo-savvy humans who remembered to take a brilliant shot leaping into the air in front of the perfect photo-ready sign. Some of us didn't. But I… Read More

Wonderful Wellington

TYC went to Wellington!

A couple of Thursdays back I popped down to Wellington (my home town of a long time ago) to meet with some of the yoga teachers, studio owners and gorgeous yogis on their home turf. I managed to fit in a couple of classes and can’t wait to return because they were amazing and the… Read More

After Suicide

Suicide and September. Two words that always go together on my calendar, whether or not there’s a highly promoted Suicide Prevention Day to seek help should you be depressed and suicidal. My family’s twenty-five years seemingly irrelevant, lost in the official and newsworthy yet still tightly bound together forever, regardless, for me, for my mother… Read More

Tuesday And Goodbye To Tom

tuesday and goodbye to tom blog post - The Yoga Connection

This morning was a hot hatha class, strong and purposeful. Then two meetings, loose and funny. Running parallel was the niggle. You know the one. An insistent little voice, monotoning away in the background like an unwanted guest. I come home to my desk and there he is. Tom. Purring, trying to stand but legs… Read More

Dear Blog Reader

Dear Blog Reader, There has not been a lot of blog lately and I can't even promise there will be a lot of blog in the near future but there will be some blog today. I was fortunate to have space in the first edition of Wabi Sabi Magazine recently to provide articles from some… Read More

Seasonal Dysfunction

Seasonal Dysfunction - blog post on The Yoga Connection, New Zealand's Yoga Guide

Officially, winter it may be, and I’m officially freezing, but some of us still have kaftans and overpriced, hand crafted, Greek slides (free shipping yet a trillion US dollars worth of taxes and tariffs) in their shopping trolleys as they continue to peruse new summer arrivals online. For work. All this cold and confusion, and… Read More

Gen X

The Yoga Connection blog post - Gen X

It’s just the two of us today. It’s raining and we joke about our hair as we run from the car to the café. When we sit down my daughter shakes her head and the curls settle with youthful nonchalance. I, on the other hand, grab everything I can of my mop and twist it… Read More


I place my palms together at heart centre and gently close my eyes. Back long, sitting tall. Stillness. It’s warm; my skin softens. I have been homesick all week long, but I can’t quite place the feeling. This has been my hometown for some time, how can I be lost when I am here? Perhaps… Read More

A Mix And A Mingle

hannah jenson artist, yoga, the yoga connection

Some people are scared of spiders. Some people are frightened of the dark or have a fear of heights. And some people would rather eat their right arm than stand up and speak out loud in front of people who will be looking at them and actively listening AND be witness to a shaky voice… Read More