2. adrenal fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue

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One of the many things that yoga has brought into my life is a better awareness of my makeup – both inside and out. Of course this isn’t remotely interesting to anyone other than myself but I’ve found it fascinating! Calmer? Why yes, I am actually, thanks for noticing. Muscles in places where you never knew you could have muscles? …

JaneAdrenal Fatigue
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Featured Yogi: Fiona

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  Name: Fiona Liu Years teaching: 5 Years practicing: 6 Studio owner: 3 years, Hot Yoga Auckland Favourite yoga style: If I have to choose only one – Yin Your first type of yoga class and why you went back: It was a gentle Hatha yoga practice in a heated room. I was hooked after my first class as I …

JaneFeatured Yogi: Fiona

A First Post

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I’m pretty good at keeping secrets but I’m not so great at piping down when I get excited about something. You could say I come from a family of enthusiastic types – the exclamation mark is our friend! So it was particularly hard to keep quiet about The Yoga Connection until it was up and running because it’s been on …

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