11/50 Smug Sunday

1. Smug yoga Yes, it has a name. For me, anyway. When I head back to a class on the weekend after not going for a while I tend to be all, wahoo, look at me practicing on a Sunday like a hard-core yogini who NEVER takes off her yoga pants. I know. Annoying. I… Read More

10/50 Zen As A Zen Thing

I do have quite a number of issues, true, but can state proudly that there are three things that do NOT bother me in the yoga studio. Also feeling a bit smug. Thanks. Music Some people get driven crazy by the type of music played during class, the volume or lack of. So far, all… Read More

9/50 Older And Bolder

A gift When I was younger I didn’t think of my body as a gift. Even after coming through some close calls that broke bones and damaged my insides, I didn’t connect the healing process as something I was a part of. I think I assumed it would either fix itself or not and don’t… Read More

8/50 Over-sharer

I will hug you I am a tad over-stimulated. Possibly from having my dark choc fix very late in the day. (Because like any sensible person I prefer to eat it immediately following breakfast. Or for breakfast.) And over-excitement doth not bring out the writer in me. It maketh me slothful and a tad weary… Read More

Bliss-ish Everything got cancelled that was planned today. Bliss. I got to a yin yang class. Bliss. It’s gently raining outside and I’m inside, not exactly humping, just VERY close to the oil heater. Bliss. When the week is full, it’s a gift to suddenly have a day where you don’t have to put on… Read More

Anxiety driven I’ve missed two days of classes in a row due to a new combo of sleeping tablets and anti-depressants which apparently are more for anxiety than depression and send me into a blissful sleep just as I’m meant to get up. Which we will need to discuss, my psychiatrist and I (even though… Read More

The beginning Newsletter started off with a bang! Then remembered I also had a blog post to do. (Still not whining, just tears of joy.) 2.  Happy memories Here is a picture of when I was young and carefree with my Nana, not a worry in the world. She loved me and would never have… Read More

Sunday feels I remain resistant to Sundays. I find it a tricky little day that, on the one hand wants you to relax, nest in your home environment or enjoy fun times with your loved ones but on the other BIGGER hand, it wants you to feel overwhelmed and remember you have not cleaned the… Read More

Saturday It’s Saturday. Day of hope, possibilities and coffee. I’m all for it and hope you get your proper and well-deserved Saturday fix too. Even if we have to work to do and loos to clean. Sigh. Also I have eaten exactly 42 dark chocolate almonds. Jane is a great baby name – just saying… Read More

Spontaneity Something some of us should think about when having a Great Idea. Spontaneity is all well and good when it’s a moment that doesn’t have consequences. For example, it’s spontaneous to suddenly decide to see if you can have a baby. And something a little more permanent when it appears you can. Same with… Read More