46/50 The Short And Short Of It

1. Oh, so this is jet lag I conquered the subway one way (not so much the other), walked the Highline, did three solid floors of the Whitney, took a punt on the train home (wrong one) and walked from 2-ish - 5.30pm trying to remember where the apartment is (phone had run out of… Read More

45/50 New York Sounds

1. Listening in One of the perks of travelling by yourself is that you can listen in to other people’s conversations, giving them your full attention. It’s risky as sometimes you get more than you’d want. Like the guy in the lounge at Auckland airport. He’d taken the toddler approach of, if I can’t see… Read More

44/50 Up, Up And Away

1. I’m off I’m off. Once I've packed. 2. Via Honoloulou Then straight to New York, arriving early Saturday morning. If I make it. 3. GPS Should’ve got one implanted like a chip somewhere on my bod. Tiny problem with terrible sense of direction. I completely and totally relate to Joey (Friends) when he has… Read More

43/50 Completely Rational

1. Well, who saw that coming? Just like that, today I have developed an intense fear of flying. A plane flew overhead earlier and all I could think was, HOW DOES THAT STAY UP IN THE AIR? It’s not natural. Even with science and wing spans and gravity stuff, it is NOT natural. I know… Read More

42/50 Slightly Manic

1. I AM breathing Working hard on not restricting my breath as a stress mechanism right now as I’m trying hard to tackle a tottering pile of emails and messages and maybe, just maybe, be a little organized for when I return. Oh, how I’m doubled over laughing at that. It seems the closer I… Read More

41/50 Taking Flight With Yoga

1. Hands where I can see them Hoping for a few changes since my last long-haul flight alone. Fingers crossed there's no masturbating man across the aisle which is a big turn-off when you're eating plane food. Sadly once I was the one embarrassed and said nothing. Oh how very different it will be this… Read More

40/50 Incomplete

1. My laptop My laptop is not as it should be, even after a new hard drive was installed. Nothing is back where it belongs and I'm missing emails and documents and my sanity. Particularly infuriating is that the page now moves up and down in the opposite way it did before. THIS most of… Read More

39/50 Here’s What I Know

1. Gorse is good Today I learnt gorse, that rampant prickly bush covered in yellow flowers, was not as I'd understood it to be, an out-of-control pest killing all our native fauna. In factuality, it allows plants that prefer more shadow than light to flourish and bees love it. Hence, yes hence, it's absolutely marvellous… Read More

38/50 Father’s Day Eve

1. The TV dad I can't help it, my vote's for Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) of Shameless. I figure no matter how low he scrapes the bottom of the barrel he'll always eventually, in his own way, get behind his fabulously dysfunctional family. (And I do like a good dysfunctional family.) Also if we… Read More

37/50 Spring Has Sprung

1. I still can't sleep I am taking a Game of Thrones size army of drugs and still waking through the night, most nights. For a while there I thought we (me and my non-chatty psychiatrist) were getting there. I had a couple of nights where I slept for six hours. In a row! I… Read More