Motivate And Move

Sundays usually start with a coffee so it felt a little odd to bypass the flat whites of Ponsonby Central and instead head upstairs to The Sapphire Room. More than worth it though as this gorgeous space is where Wellness Retreats NZ was holding its Motivate and Move urban retreat recently – a beautifully tailored… Read More


My left foot always takes longer to descend than my right. Although they still never feel at equal height I’ve stopped lifting my head to check. My shoulders sigh down to the mat, certain of where they’ll fall, sure of being caught. My fingers gently curl. Then nothing. I feel nothing. Nothing hurts, nothing pulls… Read More

Yoga Thoughts

Alone in the house, I’ve been binge watching Shameless on Netflix far too late at night, not cooking even more than I was not cooking before, wearing the same clothes so I don’t have to put anything away and generally living the innocently debauched life of a first-year uni student. I have still been getting… Read More

Even Stevens

Rolling my mat up, replacing the block I hadn’t used and feeling rather defeated, I left my last Yin Yang class, taken in a humid room, with not a drop of sweat on me. I had spent much of the previous hour not being able to enter the full asanas, not meeting my eyes in… Read More


Sand, surf, ocean swims (or not yet if you didn’t book far enough ahead). Soft rain, warm breezes. Cold rain, wet washing. Ice-cream. Bare feet. Late nights. Sunrises. Cotton shirts. Hair undone. Outdoor yoga. Freshly mown grass. Dandelions and pohutukawas. Iceberg lettuce. Beach towels over deck railings. Faded sameness. Memory making. Sunscreen. Sunburn. Blueberries with… Read More

With Thanks

It’s late to be writing a blog post, all the doors and windows are open and I can hear the neighbours speaking a mix of languages, sometimes soothing, sometimes jarring. I keep writing anyway. We’re all here in the in-betweenie bit of Christmas and New Year, a funny old place to be. Unless you’re away… Read More

Well, hello blog, it’s been a while. But here we are, nationwide and spruced up just in time for everyone to unplug and become one with nature. Excellent timing. With the last few months being consumed with the new website, Christmas and all it entails has only just surfaced and it hasn’t been pretty. But… Read More

My Town

Song title streets. Cafes that know your order. Ponsonby pooches, Waiheke wineries. Small bookshops. Two harbours and city beaches. Eighty-plus yoga studios. The bridge. Slithery, invasive traffic. Road rage. New suburbs, old money. VillasBungalowsTerraces, no space. Green coned parks. All shades of humans. Chinese food. European cars. Stylised beards and shiny new faces. Middle-aged activists… Read More

Fifty-Four Things

I’ve been thinking about being brave. It’s an idea that’s often touched on in class, the implicit suggestion that bravery, something I’ve always thought of as a majestic, loud kind of show is more often found in the smaller, backstage details. Somehow that all makes sense on the mat. They say, place your palms up… Read More

Putting Out A Welcome Mat

By now you’ll have seen the pictures many times, the one of a three-year-old boy called Aylan Kurdi in particular. Washed up on a Turkish beach, Aylan had drowned as his family tried to flee from Kobani to Europe. At first, like me you may have thought he was being carried alive from the water… Read More