1. Well, we're not laughing yet but I'm holding space for it There I was casually strolling in the gate, still in my yoga bubble, when I met the fabulous T who so far has welcomed me later than expected having missed the flight from NY to LA, saved me from being locked in AND… Read More

Well, not exactly vital to just Venice but let's go with it, it sounds important. 1. Sadly the number of addicts I've seen on a daily have far outweighed what I encountered in New York. There are some hardcore, terribly sick people who are also probably suffering from mental health issues and the age range… Read More

A little more bloggity blog from my trip as after patting myself on the back for completing 50/50 I realised if I ever want to post again consistency is key. While I'm away I'll stick to the 'ol one, two, three so I don't get caught up in epic essays and remember this is not… Read More

50/50 Ta, Da

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1. Here's what's happened so far I was born, 6 pounds 2, and then went to school. At some point I experimented with a fringe which cost me a week off school due to trauma. Journalism, travel, Uni, marriage, baby and yoga. At many points I experimented with some variation of a mid-life crisis. Today… Read More

49/50 Ch, Ch, Changes

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1. Completely changed my mind about turning fifty What a ridiculous idea! It's possible I might not be as accepting of this situation as I first thought. There's still so much I've not done that surely as an adult I should have achieved by now. Is it too late for me to become a domestic… Read More

1. Chop, chop Each salad I’ve bought has been thoroughly chopped. The blade brought down, back and forth, fast and furious, annihilating those cherry toms and grated carrot into almost-mush. Why so much chop, chop? It’s veering on soup territory and I feel quite strongly about that. Lines snake out the doorways and every order… Read More

47/50 Time Travel

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1. It's 11.30pm again I have no idea how this happened. One minute I was sleeping off jet lag through the majority of the day, then I woke up, limped around Harlem's other side for bit and visited my friendly Bodega (yeah, talking like a local, what of it?) where I was unintentionally part of… Read More

46/50 The Short And Short Of It

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1. Oh, so this is jet lag I conquered the subway one way (not so much the other), walked the Highline, did three solid floors of the Whitney, took a punt on the train home (wrong one) and walked from 2-ish - 5.30pm trying to remember where the apartment is (phone had run out of… Read More

45/50 New York Sounds

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1. Listening in One of the perks of travelling by yourself is that you can listen in to other people’s conversations, giving them your full attention. It’s risky as sometimes you get more than you’d want. Like the guy in the lounge at Auckland airport. He’d taken the toddler approach of, if I can’t see… Read More

44/50 Up, Up And Away

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1. I’m off I’m off. Once I've packed. 2. Via Honoloulou Then straight to New York, arriving early Saturday morning. If I make it. 3. GPS Should’ve got one implanted like a chip somewhere on my bod. Tiny problem with terrible sense of direction. I completely and totally relate to Joey (Friends) when he has… Read More