1. I’ll be popping a rock in my bag, possibly my bra Went on my first crystal expedition today. I was more excited than I thought I’d be and could’ve gone way crazy over all those stunning stones. I went in knowing not much and came out knowing a bit more. A tiger’s eye for… Read More

30/50 Surprises

1. How I feel about surprises I don’t care for them. Of course there are good surprises but the best surprises are in my head. And that’s a lot of pressure should anyone want to actually surprise me. There’s a lot to live up to in my head. 2. Raisins are a terrible surprise There… Read More

29/50 Sa Ta Na Ma

1. About last night So, out last night till late. There was a little of this but lots of fun and hilarity and bed at 4am which does not work well when you’re supposed to take your medication within strict timeframes. Not one drink and I didn’t feel tired at all except towards the end… Read More

28/50 The Second-Guessing Game

1. That ol' devil called, 'you're not good enough' Hmmm, heading out soon and will be amongst some movers and shakers in an industry I still feel very new to, even though I've been slogging my organs out for the last couple of years working within it. I just didn't realise I was. I'm nothing… Read More

27/50 Just Say No, Kids

1. Don’t hurt your knees so the new guy next to you thinks you’re awesome Such a gorgeous vinyasa class this morning with lots of flows and surprises. There was a fair bit of balancing on our knees and rocking forward over them. Never a favourite of mine anyway, I’d not brought a blanket to… Read More

26/50 Monday Favourites

1. In class today It was yin yang and we went hard-core on the yang. Side crow felt delicious. As I was doing it I thought, this is my new fave. (And not just because it was smooth to get into. Probably though.) I’ve come home and been dropping down into it, stretching my legs… Read More

25/50 Halfway To Halfway

1. Before I was 25 I’d been born somewhere else, been adopted by a new Dad, lived overseas, come back to NZ and a new family, broke my back, pelvis and other little bits, lost my Dad, lost my brother, taken a paedophile to court and got a conviction, become a journalist, travelled, become a… Read More

1. Vivian Street isn’t where it used to be I have a terrible sense of direction (TSD) and I can say without doubt that it is a genetic fault. My mother’s fault. We drove around for a good hour and a half to find me something I’d eat for lunch due to my apparent food… Read More

23/50 The Questions

1. Porridge Mum: What do you mean you don’t want milk or sugar? Me: I told you last time, it’s fine just as it is, thanks though. Mum: WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? 2. Yoga Mum: Will you get a chance to go to yoga? Me: I’ll try and if I can’t I’ll do… Read More

22/50 Undercover

1. The soup situation I’m in hiding at the moment (which isn’t doing wonders for my campaigning – VOTE FOR ME!) but I have had soup made for me. Not wee soup, to be clear, and it was delish. I’m not even lying. There was no internal gagging or holding my breath. The key, because… Read More