Budokon and Handstands with Kylie Harris @ Om Yoga Studio
Aug 19 @ 11:15 am – 1:15 pm
Budokon and Handstands with Kylie Harris @ Om Yoga Studio | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

Budokon is a martial arts inspired yoga practise which fuses together elements of both disciplines in a fun fluid way.
In this workshop you will explore Budokon, animalistic movement and Handstands. Come explore your practise in a new way.

YOGA WORKSHOP for YOUNG WOMEN with Francesca Hopkins @ Four Winds Yoga
Aug 27 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
YOGA WORKSHOP for YOUNG WOMEN with Francesca Hopkins @ Four Winds Yoga | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

Yoga for Young Women’ is an initiative set up by Francesca Hopkins that supports girls and young women to live to their fullest potential through the practice of yoga.
It is about building confidence – our young women need to know they are 100% amazing. Yoga with Francesca is about supporting this understanding.

Suitable for young women aged 13-20 years.

Yoga & Essential oils @ Raw Yoga
Sep 3 all-day

Experience a slow Vinyasa flow with a variety of Essential oils throughout. Discover how Essential oils can enhance your practice by offering a deeper sense of awareness to your body and breath.

Following the practice we will discuss the Essential oils that were used during the class and how Essential oils can support not only your yoga and mindfulness pracitce but also your daily well-being.

This workshop is a chance to experience and learn about doTERRA Essential oils, there is also the opportunity to purchase the oils if you are interested.

Studio members can attend FREE
Price : Casual class rate $25 (or use your class concession)

Evolve – Fascia and Anatomy Workshop @ Ashram Yoga
Sep 9 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Evolve - Fascia and Anatomy Workshop @  Ashram Yoga  | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

Take a close look at fascia and anatomy as a whole. As a teacher or PT this will enable you to become more effective in class structure, postural analysis, understanding movement synergy and ‘seeing’ imbalances.

Not only beneficial for teachers, this session is for anyone who wants to understand how their anatomy works, improve their practice, daily living and receive the tools to be able to correct imbalances within your own body.

During this session, we’ll look closer at:

How to “read” the body
Understanding anatomy trains
Seeing “imbalances” and correcting them with yoga postures
The fascia – whay it looks like & how it works
How to strengthen and release it
How fascia relates to the energy body
How to create a ‘fascia focused’ class
How to use props to stimulate the fascia
Why some people experience ongoing unexplained pain
Where to focus and what the common ‘sticky’points are in the body
The relationship between fascia and youthfulness

And much more… This will be a experiential as well as theory focused session which will leave you with a new look at the human body in movement.

A must for all Yoga, Pilates and movement teachers and students as well as anyone wanting to empower their own practice.

The Heart of the Spiritual Warrior – Shamanic Cacao Ceremony with Maren Lander @ Golden Yogi
Sep 10 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Heart of the Spiritual Warrior - Shamanic Cacao Ceremony with Maren Lander @ Golden Yogi  | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

This workshop will support you to challenge fears, self-limiting beliefs and judgements that are creating any unease or unhappiness in your life.

Instead of being victimized by these challenges you will learn how to receive them with awareness, discernment and courage to find your way into a place of truth and unconditional love. This is what we call the heart of a Spiritual Warrior.

You will leave our session together with affirmed commitment to loving and forgiving yourself and extending this love and forgiveness to the whole of humanity and the whole of creation.

The sacred plant medicine cacao (raw chocolate) has been used in ceremonies for thousand of years mainly in South and Central America. It is said to be infused with spirit helping us to reconnect with our true essence and the nature surrounding us.

Please wear comfortable clothing and think about a healing intention before you arrive. It is advisable to bring pen and paper. Please don’t drink coffee beforehand as the cacao contains some caffeine and please make sure you had a little snack beforehand. If in doubt if Cacao is suitable for you (for example because of pregnancy, medications or a heart condition) please contact Golden Yogi directly.

Because of the intimate nature of this work only limited paces are available so please register your interest early.

Testimonial for Maren’s Cacao Ceremonies:

“I did not know what to expect from a cacao ceremony but knew that with Maren, who is such a wonderful guide, teacher and person, that it would be an amazing experience and it was. So much so, that I booked for all the cacao ceremonies she offered (and a private one!) while she was in London. I found the cacao ceremonies with Maren to be a magical, safe and mind-opening experience that helped me access thoughts, desires, insights and general understanding that the ‘busyness’ of my daily work and life had obscured. It brought clarity, calm and warmth every time. And it was a joy to meet beautiful like-minded individuals that Maren attracts to her ceremonies and share the experience with them too. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for more creativity, clarity and love in their life.” – Claudia, London

Entering Timelessness with Kowhai – Through Meditation & Pranayama @ The Yoga Corner
Sep 16 all-day
Entering Timelessness with Kowhai – Through Meditation & Pranayama @ The Yoga Corner

In a world of information overload, we must reclaim our power. Cultivate expansive inner awareness. And find space between our thoughts.

Join Kowhai in a 2. 5 hour Meditation and Pranayama workshop, as she guides you through ancient practices for the modern mind.

Enter into timelessness and experience infinite consciousness as we train the mind to focus and move effortlessly through our field.

in this workshop training, you will begin to master your practice and more importantly, understand the exact process in which you transcend stress, fear and anxiety into creativity, focus and love. Dive deep into the history of these ancient practices and leave with the understanding, techniques and inspiration for your daily practice.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” Carl Jung.

Date: Sep 16 Sat

Time: 11am – 1:30pm

Investment: $55

Feeling into Form : Spring yoga workshop series @ Kawai Purapura
Sep 22 @ 6:00 pm – Sep 24 @ 5:30 pm
Feeling into Form : Spring yoga workshop series @ Kawai Purapura | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

In your yoga: are you merely making shapes, or are you shaping your life?

Join this spring yoga workshop series with certified Embodied Flow facilitator Adele Kinghan to awaken greater possibilities in how you breathe, move and create your life.

Friday 6-9pm
The body is the vehicle for awakening: cellular breathing and asana to enliven more of who we are.

Saturday 10am-1pm
Yielding – how you relate to yourself and the world around you through the exploration of balancing poses.

Saturday 2.30pm-5.30pm
Pathways of connectivity – 6 limbs of movement possibility to create stability and ease as we flip our perspective.

Sunday 10am-1pm
Articulation and integration – explore your endocrine glands and backbending poses to open doorways of creative connection.

Sunday 2.30pm-5.30pm
Stepping into the slipstream of flow – heighten your centres of awareness to create your life in movement.

When our awareness in movement is limited to merely muscle and bone, blocked by unhelpful habits or stagnated through attending to just one movement ‘style’, our energy will not flow optimally. We might feel diseased, disconnected, disempowered or even disembodied. We find ourselves just merely going through the motions in asana, as opposed to excavating the heightened quality of being that is possible in every moment, independent of the drama of life.

Instead of ‘doing yoga poses’, we discover a state of being we call yoga – vast, infinite, omnipotent formlessness experienced in our form.

In this workshop series we will explore and enliven dormant areas within our bodies through meditation, contemplation, asana flows, free movement, experiential anatomy, tantric philosophy and pranayama to reawaken the numinous space within.

Open to all yoga practitioners and teachers who are interested in integrating more experiential anatomy and philosophical teachings into their offerings.

Investment: $225 for all 5 workshops.

Inversion Workshop with Kylie @ The Yoga Corner
Sep 23 all-day
Inversion Workshop with Kylie @ The Yoga Corner

Back by popular demand YogawithKylie is facilitating another Inversion workshop in September.

Her July workshop sold out 3 weeks in advance so if you missed out, now is your chance.

Join Kylie and learn the fundamentals around what needs to strengthen and what needs to lengthen in order to become confident with inversions.

Also learn to play, discovering your inner child and letting go of the fear that holds us back.

If you attended the July workshop then this will be a chance to refine and go deeper. If you did not get to the July workshop then this will be a chance to gain the knowledge and confidence required to turn your world upside down

Date: Sep 23, Sat 10:30-12:30
Cost: $50

Hormone Yoga Therapy Workshop @ Raw Yoga
Oct 28 – Oct 29 all-day

Weekend Seminar of Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) for Women with hormonal imbalance – with certified teacher of HYT Radka Rosanitsch, certified by the author of the special method.

HYT is a natural and holistic method created by a Brazilian psychologist and yoga therapist, Dinah Rodrigues.
HYT consists a series of dynamic yoga exercises (asanas) accompanied by intense breathing techniques (pranayama), energetic level and visualization. Regular practicing reactivates the hormone production of the endocrine glands (ovaries, hypophysis, thyroids and adrenals) in a natural way, helping to harmonize the hormonal system and consequently eliminating the symptoms of low hormone levels.

HYT is effective for all types of hormonal disorders, generally supports fertility, helps strengthen the immune system and to rejuvenate the body and is recommended as a prevention for women after 35year of age.

The seminar is designed for women of all ages who are trying to solve problems related to hormonal imbalance, menopause or premature menopause, infertility due to hormonal imbalance, poor blood circulation in the pelvic area, menstrual disorders, ovarian cysts, lack of thyroid gland and many more.
During the weekend seminar you will learn breathing techniques, warm up exercises and daily series exercises which you will have to practice at home (3-4x weekly), the routine takes about 30 minutes. You will also learn exercises against stress, anti-stress pranayamas and Yoga-Nidra to activate glands and harmonize energy and chakras.

The HYT exercises are suitable for everyone.
No previous yoga experiences is needed!

Vinyasa 101 @ Raw Yoga
Nov 5 all-day

Join John and Nicole to break down the foundations of building a strong and safe Vinyasa practice. Focus on Vinyasa’s themselves (Down dog, chaturanga, cobra etc), look at alignment for standing poses and working with transitions. This workshop is to support a safe practice and maintain the longevity of your vinyasa practice!
11.30am – 1.30pm