Dharmayogini Women’s Retreat in Bali @ Villa Beji Indah
Jul 11 – Jul 19 all-day
Dharmayogini Women's Retreat in Bali @ Villa Beji Indah | Bali | Indonesia

In this 9-day retreat, designed for women, you will learn how to understand both the external and the internal elements. The internal elements are energies rather than their forms. In our bodies these are the physical energies that pump our blood, digest our food, and fire our neurons, yet the more subtle energies arise as prana. Prana is vitality; our life force. We can learn how to consciously increase the power of our inner elements and prana through meditation and yoga.

We decided to host a retreat based on the 5 elements, because we believe it offers a profoundly meaningful, yet easily accessible method to engage the body and mind. Through this, people can quickly taste the effect and benefits of their practice. Experiencing this will create a momentum and foundation, which enables you to leave this retreat with tools that you can easily integrate into our daily life.

Change your relationship to the natural world and invite opportunities for growth by practicing in harmony with nature.