Yogic Life Skills Retreat Feb/March @ Anahata Yoga Retreat
Feb 26 – Mar 25 all-day
Yogic Life Skills Retreat Feb/March @ Anahata Yoga Retreat | Clifton | Tasman | New Zealand

The Yogic Life Skills retreat offers a 4 week easy-entry path in to a more conscious lifestyle. It begins with the 7 day Explore Your ‘Self’ Retreat, and continues with a residential 3 week stay of yogic lifestyle learning and experience.

Looking to immerse yourself in a healthier, more conscious environment while gaining skills?

Do you need opportunities for reflection, to connect with a simpler way of living and a break from the modern lifestyle?
Are you looking for self-development and growth?
Then this 4 week training program will help you immensely.

This 4-week program offers:

the Explore Your Self 7 day introductory retreat makes up the first week
the following 3 weeks allow you to immerse yourself in an inspiring yogic lifestyle
the chance to be part of a community living a life of simplicity, mindfulness and service to support the growth and well-being of all
supported introduction to new areas of growth, responsibility and learning in a supported and accepting environment
3 healthy vegetarian meals per day, with brunch and dinner on Sundays
participation in our regular daily schedule of programs including: Hatha Yoga (4 days per week), Mantra Yoga (chanting), Meditations, Yoga Nidra relaxation, and Karma Yoga (yoga of action and selfless service)

Mentorship and life skills development in areas such as:

healthy cooking and kitchen management
organic gardening and landscape design
management experience
maintenance and eco building
admin and office assistance
caring for a small retreat centre

The first week, our introductory Explore Your Self retreat, offers an introduction to an ongoing yogic lifestyle. Experience bringing together different yoga and meditation practices for an enhanced level of understanding. Receive a broad range of tools to take away with you in order to start supporting yourself through the hustle and bustle of life. And it leads beautifully in to the following 3 weeks of the Yogic Life Skills retreat, where you will cultivate these skills further.

This extended retreat is an opportunity for self-discovery and development in a supportive environment surrounded by some of the most stunning nature NZ has to offer. No previous yoga experience necessary – everybody is welcome!

Please visit our website for full retreat details.

Explore Your “Self” Yogic Lifestyle Retreat @ Anahata Yoga Retreat
Feb 26 @ 5:00 pm – Mar 4 @ 11:00 am
Explore Your "Self" Yogic Lifestyle Retreat @ Anahata Yoga Retreat | Clifton | Tasman | New Zealand

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle
Begin your yogic journey on this introductory retreat – become immersed in the beauty and simplicity of a yogic lifestyle on our signature retreat.
Use it as a stepping stone to our 4 week Yogic Life Skills program.

Deep Ecology Retreat @ Anahata Yoga Retreat
Mar 8 – Mar 11 all-day
Deep Ecology Retreat @ Anahata Yoga Retreat | Clifton | Tasman | New Zealand

4 day immersion into ‘The Work That Reconnects’ – with optional add-on of Facilitators Hui.

Join us for an extraordinary, heart-felt journey into enhanced connection and empowerment through Deep Ecology & Yoga. The Work That Reconnects is a transformational body of work that includes theories and practices enabling us to reconnect to our own true nature, the web of life, and to our human community. Opening our hearts and minds to the love and the grief we feel for our world empowers us to act on behalf of Earth.

During this 4-day residential retreat we will be touching our innermost responses to the condition of our world and reconnecting with our sense of wonder for the web of life. Strengthened by generations past and encouraged by those yet to come, we can tap our own deep awareness and creativity to chart a course for taking action in a way that brings us alive.

We will use

experiential practices
poetry and song
ritual and movement
and silence

to guide our journey through the four stages of the spiral of the Work That Reconnects.
The four stages support one another and help us experience first hand that we are larger, stronger, deeper, and more creative than we have been brought up to believe.

We will support our journey by participating in the yogic practices at Anahata Yoga Retreat.

This will include:

• Hatha yoga classes
• Guided meditations to work with the emotions
• Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)
• Kirtan (singing mantras to music)
• Havan (ancient Vedic fire ceremony)

Drawing on the work of Joanna Macy, John Seed and Arne Naess this retreat will empower you to act on behalf of Earth with clarity, love and direction.

No previous experience in Yoga or Deep Ecology necessary.

Add-on option for Facilitators Hui

7 Day Silent Meditation Retreat @ Anahata Yoga Retreat
Mar 12 @ 10:00 am – Mar 18 @ 11:00 am
7 Day Silent Meditation Retreat @ Anahata Yoga Retreat | Clifton | Tasman | New Zealand

This 7 day meditation retreat with international meditation teacher, Swami Anandakumar, provides an opportunity to travel to your own centre, to find the stillness within, and discover your own inner nature, which is unchanging and offers peace, happiness, clarity and perspective on the whole of life.

This retreat offers a chance to deepen your meditation practice, or to start one if you are a beginner. Held over 7 days, it will help you to let your mind rest and enjoy a different, deeper kind of relaxation that will leave you wiser, and more ready for the challenges of life. Part of the retreat will be held in silence.

Renowned meditation teacher, Swami Anandakumar, takes a fresh and direct approach to meditation which is effective for both the beginner and advanced practitioner. The combination of ancient yoga techniques with well-timed, intuitive guidance, aimed at the modern mind, helps each person to find their way to deeper levels of awareness through access to their own intuitive experience.

This self-explorative approach to meditation provides a gentle way to balance the mind and realign the awareness toward your own inner nature. With more than 35 years experience Sw. Anandakumar helps to bring harmony to meditation practice, outlining a working ‘road map’ in order to harmonise any conflict with the body-mind and find your way forward. This allows your meditation practice to come from a place of inspiration rather than a feeling of obligation, which is uplifting even as you begin to face up to yourself. It’s a jumping off point for a deeper self-discovery.

The focus of this inspiring retreat is on Awareness in Meditation. And it will help to answer some essential questions

what is meditation?
what is its purpose?
how do we practise it properly?
how do we maintain our meditation practice?
what are the benefits that meditation can accrue for us in daily life?

There comes a time when you realise that what you have been looking for doesn’t in fact lie in the places you’ve been looking. The only qualification you need is a desire to go into the inner world and explore there in order to know yourself better. This opportunity for continuity in practice, uninterrupted by the demands and activities of the outer world, will deepen your ability to hear and listen to your own inner voice.
The mind can be tricky. It will present distractions and diversions along the way. With well-timed, intuitive guidance Sw. Anandakumar can skillfully help you navigate these detours bringing you back to connection with awareness so your practice continues to deepen. Sw. Anandakumar teaches with a wisdom, authenticity and generosity of spirit born out of many years of practicing yoga and meditation. He encourages, inspires and gently guides you. With his warm down-to-earth manner, he makes the mystery of meditation clear and accessible.

Retreat also includes:
• Hatha Yoga classes
• Daily chanting
• Karma yoga (action with meditative awareness)
• Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)
• Ancient fire ceremonies (havan) and kirtan chanting
• Periods of silence for reflection

This course is suitable:
• for all sincere students, seekers, and spiritual adventurers
• To develop and extend your regular meditation practice of finding the answers within the self
• Each meditation experience is unique with the potential to go deeper each time. Students often attend the course multiple times

For more details: please visit our website.