6-Week Course for Deep & Profound Relaxation @ Mother-Well Holistic Health
Oct 3 – Nov 7 all-day
6-Week Course for Deep & Profound Relaxation @ Mother-Well Holistic Health | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

A 6-week course designed to empower you with techniques for deep and profound relaxation on all levels – physical, emotional and mental.

A 6-week course in iRest® will empower you with effective techniques for relaxation that are supported by decades of research at The Institute of Integrative Restoration.
You will experience first-hand improvement in levels of stress, energy levels, sleep, mood and ability to manage pain.

6 informative and inspiring talks, and 6 sessions of deep and profound relaxation in a 6-week course in iRest®.

You will love this – it will change your life!

WHEN: 6 Tuesdays (October 3 to November 7)
TIME: 7:00 to 8:15 pm
VENUE: Mother-Well Holistic Health
820 Mount Eden Rd
COST: $175 (includes handouts and all materials)
TEACHER: Faye Lawand-Maclean
QUERIES: Email Faye at

Wee One’s Yoga with Amanda Fell @ Om Yoga Studio
Oct 19 @ 4:00 pm – Dec 14 @ 4:45 pm
Wee One's Yoga with Amanda Fell @ Om Yoga Studio | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

In this fun class, we will cover basic yoga poses and mindfulness in a hands-on way through mandala drawing, crafts, play and breathing. Children will learn focus, calmness, gratitude, kindness, self love, stress management and yoga asanas.

Ages: Children 4-8 years old

Date & Time: Thursday 4 – 4:45pm

Cost: $15 per class /Full Term $117

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Amanda Fell @ Om Yoga Studio
Oct 19 @ 5:00 pm – Dec 14 @ 6:00 pm
Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Amanda Fell @ Om Yoga Studio | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

In this fun class, we will cover yoga poses and sequences as well as practise mindfulness through play and breath work. We find this helps children learn how to focus, find inner calm, gratitude, kindness and self love. Students love these classes, they feel relaxed and have a lot of fun while learning skills to equip them for life.

Ages: Children 9-12 years old

Date & Time: Thursday 5 – 6pm

Cost: $16 per class /Full Term $126

Acoustic Yin @ TRUE food and yoga
Oct 22 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Acoustic Yin @ TRUE food and yoga  | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

Join us for 90 mins of delicious yin yoga accompanied by live music. Bring your friends, family, community etc and let’s get together to breathe, to settle and soften. Deliberately slowing things down and allowing yourself to restore and recharge. The beautiful sounds of acoustic guitar and vocals will surround you and move though you, holding a safe and special space to simply ‘be’.

This experience is for everyone. We aim to make the physical practice as accessible as possible. Suitable for beginners to the experienced yogi. Many options are offered throughout so that you can tailor your practice to you and your body. If simply lying back to take in the music is what is need on the day-we absolutely encourage you to listen and honour your body’s request. No expectations, whatsoever. This hour and a half is about you.

Paul will share with you his own compositions of songs he has written especially for our project, as well as nostalgic numbers we all know! Delivering the rich gifts of music in such a unique way.

We are passionate about Yoga Rhapsody! As our journey continues, we have witnessed and felt some incredible moments. We deeply believe there is something for everyone within this experience. Because of this, we do our very best to share our project far and wide in the community and volunteer to those who may not have the same opportunities to attend a public class.

So what this means is, by joining us for a session, not only are you gifting this hour and a half to yourself – you also gift the opportunity for someone else in your community to come to the mat and have their own experience too.

Mums and Bubs Yoga Course with Stevee Barrass @ Om Yoga Studio
Oct 25 @ 11:15 am – Nov 29 @ 12:15 pm
Mums and Bubs Yoga Course with Stevee Barrass @ Om Yoga Studio | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

This yoga course is focused on postnatal recovery for mums – In each practise we will begin with a breathing exercise, moving to gentle strengthening postures for the core and pelvis, finishing with some nourishing restorative poses releasing tension for neck, shoulders and back.
To make this interactive you will be offered the option of having the baby involved in some of the postures.

Classes are suitable for mums from 6 weeks after your birth to 6 months (or baby starts crawling)

No previous yoga experience is needed for this class.

Please bring a blanket or a mat for the little one as the baby will be near you on the floor.

Date and Time: Wednesdays 25th October & 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th November 11:15am – 12:15noon

Cost: $25 per class / $120 for the 6 week course
(Course payment is limited to Mums and Bubs course only, not regular classes)

Hormone Yoga Therapy Workshop @ Raw Yoga
Oct 28 – Oct 29 all-day

Weekend Seminar of Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) for Women with hormonal imbalance – with certified teacher of HYT Radka Rosanitsch, certified by the author of the special method.

HYT is a natural and holistic method created by a Brazilian psychologist and yoga therapist, Dinah Rodrigues.
HYT consists a series of dynamic yoga exercises (asanas) accompanied by intense breathing techniques (pranayama), energetic level and visualization. Regular practicing reactivates the hormone production of the endocrine glands (ovaries, hypophysis, thyroids and adrenals) in a natural way, helping to harmonize the hormonal system and consequently eliminating the symptoms of low hormone levels.

HYT is effective for all types of hormonal disorders, generally supports fertility, helps strengthen the immune system and to rejuvenate the body and is recommended as a prevention for women after 35year of age.

The seminar is designed for women of all ages who are trying to solve problems related to hormonal imbalance, menopause or premature menopause, infertility due to hormonal imbalance, poor blood circulation in the pelvic area, menstrual disorders, ovarian cysts, lack of thyroid gland and many more.
During the weekend seminar you will learn breathing techniques, warm up exercises and daily series exercises which you will have to practice at home (3-4x weekly), the routine takes about 30 minutes. You will also learn exercises against stress, anti-stress pranayamas and Yoga-Nidra to activate glands and harmonize energy and chakras.

The HYT exercises are suitable for everyone.
No previous yoga experiences is needed!

Intro Part 2 Hansa Yoga Therapy with Vincent Bolletta and Jac Wilson @ Eastwest
Oct 28 – Oct 29 all-day
Intro Part 2 Hansa Yoga Therapy with Vincent Bolletta and Jac Wilson @ Eastwest | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

– The Sacred Pelvis: In this workshop we start to consider the importance of stability as the primary foundation that assists function. Paradoxically, through stability we will gain greater hip mobility and support.
-Through our hips we will make a greater connection to our core and spine in ways that encourage a deeper integrated connection.
– We will also look at the intricate relationships between the three main honey segments that make up the entire pelvic girdle.

(Part 1 workshop under seperate event August 26 – 27)
Cost just Part 2 event $80 | Part 1 and Part 2 $140

These workshops are an introduction to a series of Hansa Yoga Therapy trainings in 2018

Spilt Milk Yoga Weekend Workshop @ TRUE Yoga Studio
Oct 28 @ 1:00 pm – Oct 29 @ 4:00 pm
Spilt Milk Yoga Weekend Workshop @ TRUE Yoga Studio | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

This guid­ed self-inquiry work­shop with Cathryn Monro, author of “Spilt Milk Yoga – A Guided Self-Inquiry to Finding Your Own Wisdom, Joy, and Purpose Through Motherhood” brings moth­ers togeth­er in a safe envi­ron­ment to reflect­, share and engage with the inner work of moth­er­ing.
Offering insight into your own behav­iour Spilt Milk Yoga embraces the challenges of contemporary motherhood as path to life’s rich­est and most pro­found lessons on love, accep­tance, and joy.
Using con­tem­pla­tive and dynam­ic meth­ods Cathryn will guide you toward under­standing more about why you do what you do, and how you can cul­ti­vate your own wis­dom, joy and pur­pose in response to sit­u­a­tions in your own mothering life. Expect to come away feel­ing empow­ered, pur­pose­ful, con­nect­ed to your com­mu­ni­ty, and with fresh insight into the val­ue of your life as a mother.

Includes a 1hr follow-up 1:1 Com­pan­ion Coach­ing Ses­sion by Skype, and a copy of “Spilt Milk Yoga – A Guid­ed Self-Inquiry to Find­ing Your Own Wis­dom, Joy, and Pur­pose Through Motherhood.”

SPECIAL 2 for 1, bring a friend and it’s half-price.
SHARE this great offer with your mum friends by sign­ing up together!
Lim­it 16 participants.

Myofascial Movement & Meditation with Kylie Harris and Andy Munro @ Om Yoga Studio
Oct 29 @ 11:30 am – 3:30 pm
Myofascial Movement & Meditation with Kylie Harris and Andy Munro @ Om Yoga Studio | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

Learn to unlock your movement potential with Kylie Harris (YogawithKylie) and Andy Munro (Empower Wellington).

This 4 hour workshop will move you through the full range of the movement spectrum, releasing tight tissues, blocks within the mind and the body helping to repair, restore and reinvigorate the tissues.
We will begin with meditation to release blocks in the mind and connect with the PNS and our intentions.
Trigger point therapy and gentle movement along the fascial lines will help to decrease the “fuzz” and also areas of stagnation within the tissues.
This will be accompanied by stability work to bring awareness to the areas of dysfunction and how this is blocking your movement and health potential.
We will then pick things up a little and take the body through the full range of motion, bringing in some fun primal movement and bounce to bring elasticity back to the fascia and playfulness back to our practice.
The workshop will end with a short restorative bringing us back into a powerful meditation to end.
The workshop will be co taught by Kylie and Andy, two self confessed anatomy nerds with a passion for movement, meditation and helping you unlock your true potential.

Date and Time: Sunday 29th October 2017, 11:30-15:30pm

Cost: $120 (Inc Light Lunch)

One on One Energy Work with Annis Parker @ The Yoga Corner
Nov 3 – Nov 5 all-day
One on One Energy Work with Annis Parker @ The Yoga Corner

Explore your well-being through Annis amazing energy work. A in-depth look into the energy fields (Charkras) in your body, Annis can unblock and realign these energy fields, which will help support you in all aspects of your life.

Down to earth and to the point, Annis analysis and treatment of the human condition is uncanny, effective and long lasting.

We’ll be happy to share with you more of what to expect from this unique healing experience.

For more information and booking, please call the studio: 09 529 0999 or email

Date: Nov 3-5

Cost: $100 (60 minutes one on one consultation) (Pre Payment Required)

Session bookings always go quick, please contact the studio to book your appointment as soon as possible!