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Officially, winter it may be, and I’m officially freezing, but some of us still have kaftans and overpriced, hand crafted, Greek slides (free shipping yet a trillion US dollars worth of taxes and tariffs) in their shopping trolleys as they continue to peruse new summer arrivals online. For work. All this cold and confusion, and… Read More

Yoga Thoughts

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Alone in the house, I’ve been binge watching Shameless on Netflix far too late at night, not cooking even more than I was not cooking before, wearing the same clothes so I don’t have to put anything away and generally living the innocently debauched life of a first-year uni student. I have still been getting… Read More

Spring Elements

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A few things that took place on the mat (and off) this week – Side bends and hip stretches. I am feeling them. I am feeling them a lot. Seems there is more to this season than blossom and lambs and lighter mornings. Yoga associates Spring with the wood element in Chinese medicine meaning it’s… Read More

The Other Side

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You know that saying ‘the grass is always greener’? Well, I’ve been living that lately. No matter how much I try and override it I’ve reverted back to that time when I would be on my way to a uni exam looking longingly out of the bus window wishing I was every single person on… Read More

Around Here

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I dreamt last night I practiced in a swimsuit. An ill fitting one-piece with a low, low cut front and faded blousy flowers. I was in a class that took place in a supermarket, a steaming hot fruit and veges section to be exact, yet I seemed to be the only person dressed for the… Read More