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Motivate And Move

Jane Health + Wellbeing, Review

Sundays usually start with a coffee so it felt a little odd to bypass the flat whites of Ponsonby Central and instead head upstairs to The Sapphire Room. More than worth it though as this gorgeous space is where Wellness Retreats NZ was holding its Motivate and Move urban retreat recently – a beautifully tailored day dedicated to wellbeing for …

JaneMotivate And Move
all sorts of merry

All Sorts Of Merry And Some Beautiful Harmony

Jane Health + Wellbeing, Review

Well, hello blog, it’s been a while. But here we are, nationwide and spruced up just in time for everyone to unplug and become one with nature. Excellent timing. With the last few months being consumed with the new website, Christmas and all it entails has only just surfaced and it hasn’t been pretty. But we’re here and it’s happening …

JaneAll Sorts Of Merry And Some Beautiful Harmony
rethinking stress

Rethinking Stress

Jane Health + Wellbeing

When asked how you are, do you find yourself always making a point of saying you’re busy or tired or stressed? Whether you’re at that stage of fighting back tears because you’re overwhelmed with busyness or you’ve perfected the self-deprecating shrug of ugh, so crazy I barely eat lunch any more or the frenetically paced Icantbelievehowmuchihavetodoidonthavetimetobreathe, somehow or other the message …

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