With Tracey Wheeler of T.A Inc – The Real Deal I have been interested in health, wellbeing and food from a very young age. I grew up in a rural environment and was able to see first hand the relationship between how… Read More

I don’t think there are many of us who’ve come to yoga without some baggage. Even if you’re not aware of it initially, give it some time and it’s possible you’ll be sobbing through a savasana or heart opener before you can say, 20 kilos over? But I barely packed any shoes! Such is the… Read More

Sugared Up

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I’ve never really followed the savoury food or sweet food rule, where you swear allegiance to favour one over the other. I favour both equally well, thank you very much, and am all for the cheese board and the tiramisu. I get the fervour that accompanies something like Paleo because I get that when something… Read More

With Marise Henry Acupuncture -  The Point Acupuncture can help with most things, as it is a holistic health treatment. Whether it is treating pain-related issues, injury or on-going pain; women’s health issues such as painful, irregular or absent/heavy/non-stop periods; fertility concerns and IVF support; wellbeing issues such as stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, just not… Read More

Nutrition And Cancer

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The best thing about meeting people within the health and wellness industry is that they have such passion for their work. It was no exception when Nutrition, Sports and Biomedical Specialist Kaytee Boyd spoke at a recent ecostore #OnlyGoodStuff event of the benefits nutrition can offer in the protection of, or aid in, the recovery… Read More

Gut Health

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Getting familiar with your gut isn’t something that immediately comes to mind when you consider your yoga practice. We bend and stretch, constrict and expand, twist and turn, all the time trying to remember to breathe. You’d think all that lovely movement must bring digestive relief but it’s not something I’d considered in the same… Read More

Adrenal Fatigue

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One of the many things that yoga has brought into my life is a better awareness of my makeup – both inside and out. Of course this isn’t remotely interesting to anyone other than myself but I’ve found it fascinating! Calmer? Why yes, I am actually, thanks for noticing. Muscles in places where you never… Read More