Racism! It’s A Hoot!

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This morning as I stood waiting for my coffee order a woman reached across me to take a paper without saying excuse me or smiling. I had to lean back or she would've pushed into my chest. For only a moment I wondered if she hadn't seen me as surely if she had she wouldn't… Read More

After Suicide

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Suicide and September. Two words that always go together on my calendar, whether or not there’s a highly promoted Suicide Prevention Day to seek help should you be depressed and suicidal. My family’s twenty-five years seemingly irrelevant, lost in the official and newsworthy yet still tightly bound together forever, regardless, for me, for my mother… Read More

tuesday and goodbye to tom blog post - The Yoga Connection

This morning was a hot hatha class, strong and purposeful. Then two meetings, loose and funny. Running parallel was the niggle. You know the one. An insistent little voice, monotoning away in the background like an unwanted guest. I come home to my desk and there he is. Tom. Purring, trying to stand but legs… Read More

Putting Out A Welcome Mat

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By now you’ll have seen the pictures many times, the one of a three-year-old boy called Aylan Kurdi in particular. Washed up on a Turkish beach, Aylan had drowned as his family tried to flee from Kobani to Europe. At first, like me you may have thought he was being carried alive from the water… Read More

                With Jacque Halsted (Brand Manager Downunder) and Jonnie Halsted (Festival Director Downunder)   - The Journey This journey began well over a year and a half ago. Before we were even sure we were bringing Wanderlust down under we had set our sights on Great Lake Taupo… Read More