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Jane Philosophy

It’s just the two of us today. It’s raining and we joke about our hair as we run from the car to the café. When we sit down my daughter shakes her head and the curls settle with youthful nonchalance. I, on the other hand, grab everything I can of my mop and twist it back into a bun. I …

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Jane Philosophy

The yoga studio can be a confronting place. No matter how long you’ve been practicing or how often, to walk in with very little clothing on, maybe to face a wall of mirrors is to see yourself from head to toe, and to be seen from head to toe. Sometimes you don’t like what you see. Sometimes it’s really, really …



Jane Philosophy, Yoga

When spring sprung a few weeks back there was a lot of focus in the studio on the wood element, of being grounded, regrowth and new beginnings, all fitting in rather nicely with the change of season. And at the heart of it was this idea of connection – with ourselves, family and friends, and life in general. We worked …

tools of the trade

Tools Of The Trade

Jane Philosophy, Yoga

So. The website’s up and humming. Studios are being contacted and listed. Events are being posted. I’ve left a proper grown up message on my phone and I’m hoping to eventually master the art of a spreadsheet. It’s one of those times in life when you’re super busy-in-a-good-way and its all a bit exciting. There was even a day last …

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Shiny, Happy People

Jane Philosophy, Yoga

If you’re a regular type of yogi and tend to practice at the same times you’ll probably notice when some brave soul is taking their first class. Whether they arrive super early or at the absolute last minute, there’s that slight hesitation at the door, a squaring of the shoulders, and a glance at the clock for reassurance. It’ll be …

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