plane yoga

Yogini On A Plane

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I wish I were one of those people. One of those people who travels like a pro; who deftly lies down in the middle aisle at 10,000 kms and gracefully stretches out into a cool Hanumanasana before dabbing lavender oil on their pulse points, wrapping their hand-painted linen scarf around their shoulders and drifting off into a state of meditative bliss even while …

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the news

The News

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Well, hello! I’m just popping in here between these two fabulous Featured Yogis to let you know with the appropriate amount of exclamation marks and somewhat subdued fanfare that when the Blog proper starts back next week there will be some exciting new changes and ideas being put into action! As we promise here it’s all about getting to know …

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oranges for your stocking

Oranges For Your Stocking

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The sun’s out today and it smells summery. It really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Hurrah! We’re all about the Pohutukawas and cicadas and the warm, disintegrating rubbery feel of your yoga mat after leaving it outside for too long. It’s the right time for saying thank you very much for supporting this new venture. I’m grateful …

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pay it forward

Pay It Forward

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As easy as it is to talk about how crazy and busy and stressful life is right now, I’m happy to report there’s a sense of goodwill in the air that, if you squint at it from a certain angle, has the ability to override the somewhat overwhelming elements of Christmas. So let’s focus on that. There’s something to be …

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a friday


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Today isn’t the Friday I had on my calendar at the beginning of the week. I didn’t make it to my yoga class this morning, the post I was going to put up was all sorts of wrong so I ditched it, and then I went to a funeral instead of a Christmas party. All of this, I think, as …


A First Post

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I’m pretty good at keeping secrets but I’m not so great at piping down when I get excited about something. You could say I come from a family of enthusiastic types – the exclamation mark is our friend! So it was particularly hard to keep quiet about The Yoga Connection until it was up and running because it’s been on …

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