drink o'clock

Drink O’Clock

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! The happy mantra of many can be heard across the land as we mark the end of a long work day, a long week, a birthday, a barbecue, a good day, a bad day or as we gratefully reach for it to help bolster us through dinner with those small humans who on the dot of …

JaneDrink O’Clock
last week

Last Week

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

Last week, I was all over the place in terms of times and studios for my classes. Quite unlike me as usually the only absolute I have in my day is my yoga and that includes the time and place, and exactly where I place my mat.* But sometimes life has a way of changing things up on you. So …

JaneLast Week
if only

If Only

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

Beatific mamas-to-be are filling my Instagram feed and glowing youthful newbies are sharing my classes at the moment. I’ve noticed the former as I lug my waaaaaay past pregnancy bod around and the latter as they place their pristine new mats down next to mine. And I can’t help thinking that if I’d only had yoga in my life earlier …

JaneIf Only

Loved Up, Rained Out

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

I use the word ‘love’ a lot. A LOT, a lot. I say I love it! for when someone’s just said something killer, as much as I say I love my family or I love reading or I love coffee. I also say I love my yoga. I say I love it when I’m on the mat, when I’m off …

JaneLoved Up, Rained Out
icing on the weekend

Icing On The Weekend

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

When I enter details for all the yoga events on this website I’m always struck by how many different styles of yoga and meditation there are. So many! It’s exciting to see and I’m itching to experiment. (And to keep Learning with a capital L because that’s the best kind of class, don’t you think? When you leave wearing invisible …

JaneIcing On The Weekend
pretty present

Pretty Present

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

I’m an introverted show-off. I know this because the internet told me so. I also have type A tendencies and pitta is my primary dosha. Again, information courtesy of the worldwide web as I procrastinate like a champ when life gets overwhelming. No matter what needs doing if I carefully place my bowl of second breakfast (yes) on top of …

JanePretty Present
yogini under a palm tree

Yogini Under A Palm Tree

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind visit to Fiji and Samoa. A work trip that was supposed to end with three days of nothing except sun, books, a translucent lagoon and some sweet yoga on a mat of springy sea grass. Except it wasn’t to be. Delayed flights, cancelled flights and a stay in hospital meant the most wonderful fevered …

JaneYogini Under A Palm Tree
upside down

Upside Down

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

Every day I throw myself against a wall. Not intentionally of course. Some days I prep well and align my shoulders and draw everything in that should be drawn in and float, float I’m telling you, up, up and away. Then I break that beautiful moment by thinking I don’t need this wall and fall. My handstands. They don’t happen …

JaneUpside Down


Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

I’m back from Wanderlust, that festival of festivals that has been soaked in all things yoga; given you a big spoon and said, dig in. That festival. Although it ran over four days I had a one-day pass that I used to fit in as much as possible and had myself an experience that was different from any festival I’ve …

prep work

Prep Work

Jane Yoga-ish thoughts

Many Auckland studios are now accepting bookings for their teacher training courses taking place next year. Which means an influx of new teachers will eventually be out there in all their glorious just-graduated glow and we yogis get to reap the benefits of their enthusiasm and unwavering desire to make us happy. (I know! It’s a win-win!) This may not …

JanePrep Work