Yoga Bodies

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If you’ve been around the yoga world long enough you will have heard the mantra, yoga is for EVERY body, a lot. A lot, a lot. And for good reason, it’s true! Although just as probably you’ve heard rumblings of disapproval over Instagram images or teachers who venture into the fitness side of classes. All… Read More

Wanderlust Taupo - The Yoga Connection

If you follow any NZ yogis on social media then your feed over the last little while may have been a tad overloaded with Wanderlust pics from all those photo-savvy humans who remembered to take a brilliant shot leaping into the air in front of the perfect photo-ready sign. Some of us didn't. But I… Read More

TYC went to Wellington!

A couple of Thursdays back I popped down to Wellington (my home town of a long time ago) to meet with some of the yoga teachers, studio owners and gorgeous yogis on their home turf. I managed to fit in a couple of classes and can’t wait to return because they were amazing and the… Read More

Dear Blog Reader

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Dear Blog Reader, There has not been a lot of blog lately and I can't even promise there will be a lot of blog in the near future but there will be some blog today. I was fortunate to have space in the first edition of Wabi Sabi Magazine recently to provide articles from some… Read More

Serve, Love and Give. That’s the yogic way of life that takes Swami Yogamani (above, right) of Manipura Yoga Centre back to the Medical Eye Camp in the heart of rural India each year to help with paediatric treatment and care. Not only that, she organises and leads a group of like-minded people to join… Read More

Karma Yoga

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Karma Yoga means yoga as a selfless service. I’ve read it described as a means to help, heal and share. Which could also be translated as Pretty Awesome Yoga. Tracey Adshead, from Ashram Yoga, teaches a yoga class once a week at the Cancer Society’s Domain Lodge where patients stay while receiving care. It’s a… Read More

Teaching Kids

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Getting little ones on the yoga mat is a sign of the times. Thank goodness! If your own yoga journey started as an adult and you’re reaping the benefits, it seems only natural to encourage and support children to start as early as possible. Many studios offer yoga classes for kids, usually run as a… Read More

In our January newsletter we spoke to Jen Wilson about her voluntary work with Off The Mat, Into The World, the organisation that aims to harness the power of yoga to inspire and support conscious, sustainable activism, and to ignite grassroots social change.  (How incredible is that intention, 'harness the power of yoga'?!) Since then a… Read More

              In our first newsletter we featured yogi Veronica Shumack. She created the Five Bucks Fund to help rebuild in the Philippines after 2013's Typhoon Yolanda. You can read her story here and be impressed by her dedication to follow through on wanting to be a catalyst for change. We were… Read More

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for a short time or many years, at one point or another the idea of Teacher Training has probably crossed your mind. If you belong to a studio that offers the training you’ve probably witnessed some significant transformations take place or noticed the reappearance of yogis who’ve trained elsewhere returning… Read More