Dear Jane

1. Dear Jane,
What should one wear when one is cycling through, over and around vineyards?


Dear Eric,
One should always wear padded undergarments in whatever form that takes. Don’t let naysayers of the graped-up variety put you off. Dignity is secondary.

Pad up, Eric, pad up.

2. Dear Jane,
Is there a protocol for practicing yoga in the outdoors rather than a studio?

Concerned of Wellington

Dear CoW,
As a student, I don’t know if there’s a secret rule book as such but for what it’s worth, I would certainly wear pants of some sort. Yoga leggings, or yeggings (hoping that will catch on), will keep things seemly as you lift and split your legs all over the place. PJ bottoms or fitting shorts will also suffice if necessary.

I consider tops completely optional due to national Vitamin D deficiencies but be super careful if binding. Publicly it shouldn’t be an issue as most people think yogis are shirtless hippies anyway.

As a heads up, I hear the Wairarapa is pretty liberal this time of year.

Just wear pants (and sunscreen).

3. Dear Jane,
My name is Zinaida, I’m from Russia but now I’m living in US 馃檪
I’ve found your profile on FaceBook and I like you soooo much..
You are very cute and smart 馃檪
Maybe we can talk to each other? If you are interested in my photos please email me at

Zinaida 馃檪

Dear Zinaida,
It’s a bit sad when my third letter this week comes from a bot but still, welcome.
I appreciate you finding me both cute and smart as that translates globally which will almost certainly help my fledgling advice column.

I hope you don’t mind me capitalising your ‘I’s’ although I have left those irritating happy faces. Unfortunately there’s nothing else I’m much interested in here. I’ve left your email address public in case others feel differently.

And as with above, I strongly suggest you wear undergarments or 袘褉褞泻懈 as we like to say in Moscow. Especially in your photos.

Pure coincidence, but there seems to be a common thread in these completely genuine letters. And for this reason my wise-ness is simple yet no-nonsese which I certainly think Eric will appreciate.

I am here for you:

Photo by Alexey Lin

漏 The Yoga Connection 2017

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