Dear Jane

1. Dear Jane,
Is yoga a good addition to my sports training?


Dear Ben,
What are these sports you speak of? Running around ones, or ball ones or falling over on top of each other ones (rugby, golf)? Have you ever practiced on the mat for 90 minutes? No? Thought not.

Sure, Ben, yoga’s a great little stretch out for your ‘sport’. Although there are some people who like to say that it’s not enough (whatever that means, Ben), yet still struggle to bend over.

Best of luck to you, Sporty Spice.

2. Dear Jane,
I’d like to boost my numbers on social media and wondered if you had any advice? Do you know how you get a blue tick on Instagram?

Kind Regards,

Dear Gemma,
Why do you want to boost your numbers? Are you insecure, lacking in confidence and looking for approval from strangers? Or do you run a business and want to take over the world one like at a time?

I would take a good, hard look at why you are craving those numbers because I can tell you straight, sister, that it’s a hard road.

You’ve probably seen my images. It’s a mystery to me why I don’t have a blue tick either when I take the most beautiful pictures and flat-lays (#humble). Sometimes on my Insta Stories I like to add the words ‘swipe up’ just in case it magically happens. I too, Gemma, have felt the self-inflicted pressure of wanting more numbers so I’ll be super adored and hopefully get sent a new car.

Sadly though, your numbers go up, then down, and if you spend too much time dwelling on it you just go all around. If your business is wholly dependent on your social media numbers then get a good phone camera and be strategic. If it’s not and you just crave attention simply get your kit off, have a baby, kitten or puppy on hand always and say you’re authentic in such a way that you infer everyone else isn’t.

Easy peasy.

3. Dear Jane,
Where do you wear your crystals?


Dear Krystal,
Not in my bra. I’m afraid they would float around in orbit, much like my breasts and clank together when I walk (the crystals, not my breasts).

I am definitely a learner in terms of crystals and tend to wear them in jewellery form although I have a small collection now that I stroke and look at and keep forgetting to cleanse in the moonlight (or sunlight) and also exactly what they mean.

But I’m totally into them and if you’re able to pop them into your bra without feeling like you’re carrying around a quarry then by all means do.

There is nowhere else I’d consider putting them on my body so if you’re wanting answers to that sort of situation you should write to Gywneth.

Well, I think we can all agree that was pretty helpful. And that Ben’s a bit annoying.

Write to Dear Jane at and remember, everything is confidential unless I decide to share it.

Photo by Aaron Burden

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