Dear Jane

1. What’s the deal with email etiquette when you’re getting something for free?

You say please and thank you, you little cretin.

You don’t treat the lovely person offering you this free service with curt and dismissive messages.

Don’t be a cretin.

Love, Jane

2. Whenever I enter a yoga class late (due to no fault of my own) nobody will make eye contact with me so I have to ask people to shuffle along to make space for my mat. I feel bad. What should I do?

Do you have a sty? Or some other hideous eye situation going on?

If not, then I would suggest you enter with a flourish and thank everyone around you profusely as you set your mat up. Look right into their face so they have no option but to look back at you. Then you will be friends and all will be well.

This is yoga on the way to the mat.

Also, get your time management sorted out.

Love, Jane

3. How disciplined do you have to be to work from home?

Very. I am a disciple to discipline.

Plus you don’t have to wear pants. So…

Love, Jane

‘Dear Jane’ is available to help you with all areas of life. While not technically a yoga teacher, life coach or therapist please be assured I know a lot of stuff.
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