That Email, The Mani And Those Rituals

1. That one email

It’s gone.

Just now.

Flying through the webisphere with sparkles falling from its wings.

You know the one? That you have to properly think about, make a decision on, talk money and put yourself out there deleting those weak words that make it sound like you’re asking rather than stating. That one.

That’s the one I’ve just sent.

It’s only taken me three weeks so if that’s not worth celebrating, I don’t know what is.

(All gifts received gratefully and hopefully in food form.)

2. Mani/pedi laydees

You either are or you aren’t.

I like my toes being coloured because I’m in bare feet a lot with yoga and I like having my hands done but I find it very difficult to live as a human laydee at the same time.

I tend not to touch anything for the first few days then immediately I touch EVERYTHING and the colour falls off. And it’s not my fault. And I can’t stand those gel ones because my nails grow within minutes and the edge of the gel catches on everything. And they are toxic too which should’ve been my first point.

I don’t think I’m made out for this much high maintenance. It’s extremely stressful and I have enough to worry about and that’s why I go to yoga.

3. Rituals

My beautiful teacher and friend spoke about this in class today and I smiled away to myself because it’s something that’s been on my mind lately.

I used to reject any thought of routine (read: mundane) but things, they’ve been a changin’. I’ve decided to take pleasure and comfort in all my little rituals and intentionally create some more. I’m not going all Goop on you but I plan to consciously find joy in the small things (stop rolling your eyes) because you’ve got to start somewhere and I’m starting tonight. I’ll be smoothing that night cream in and gently massaging my sagging jaw line with so much love it’ll spring back up to pre-1990.

And rather than start every work day with a hefty dose of procrastination I’m going to set up a small ritual to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Good luck to that! But I’m excited and possibly getting Goopy in the process.

Next I’ll be telling you to stick a jade egg up your hoo-ha.

I seem to be a tiny bit random tonight but if any of this resonates with you I’d love to know. No need to share about jade eggs though…

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