Healing Power Sundays with Amanda Fell Yoga

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May 21, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Movement Lab
58 Surrey Cres
Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021
New Zealand
$30 per session or $100 for all four.
Amanda Fell

Sunday 21st May ‘Rest and Relax’ 5-7pm
Sunday 28th May ‘metabolise and digest’ 5-7pm
Sunday 4th June ‘Cleanse and Detox’ 5-7pm
Sunday 11th June ‘Balance and Restore’ 5-7pm

Treat yourself to a nourishing and educational series of evenings set over four Sundays, hosted by Yoga Instructor Amanda Fell and Naturopath Caitlyn Ward in collaboration with Artemis Health. We will cover different areas of wellbeing in each session, complemented by restorative yoga, massage and medicinal grade tea.

Rest and Relax – Sunday 21st May, 5-7pm
A Holistic look at how you can best manage stress and anxiety in your life, We will discuss what happens through our mind-body connection when we stress, how this affects us in all areas of life; our energy levels, our mood and our sleep. Amanda will guide you through a slow flow yoga practice and meditation designed to help you let go and form a connection with your body through your breath. You will become present in the moment, activating your parasympathetic nervous system to feel completely peaceful. We will enjoy a medicinal grade rest and relax herbal tea whilst Caitlyn informs you about herbs designed to destress, unwind and relax you.

Metabolize and Digest – Sunday 28th May, 5-7pm
An awakening experience where we will look at the key to good digestion, how stress affects our digestion and how medicinal herbs can not only enhance digestion but also help soothe digestive discomfort all while enjoying a good cup of Digestive Ease Tea! We will come to our mats for an energising yoga practice designed to activate and bring balance to your metabolism. Through twisting sequences we will give the internal organs of your abdominal cavity a nice invigorating massage.

Cleanse and Detox – Sunday 4th June, 5-7pm
Focusing on our hardworking Liver and Kidneys and how to maximize health on the daily! Do you have sluggish bowels? Have high cholesterol levels? Suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections? Skin conditions? This is the evening for you. Our yoga practice in this session will be a tailored sequence to optimise liver and kidney Health. While we practice we will learn about these vital organs and why they are so important and crucial to our everyday wellbeing, and why we should look after them. Liver Detox and Kidney Cleanse tea available to nourish your bodies on the evening.

Balance and Restore – Sunday 11th June, 5-7pm
This evening we will look at all things hormone related, herbs that heal, herbs that balance, a look into PMT, endometriosis, PCOS and infertility. Also looking at external endocrine disrupters and how they can play havoc with our hormones. Amanda will lead you through a delicious restorative yoga practice that will focus on the YIN side and bring balance to the endocrine system. While you sip on medicinal herbal tea Caitlyn will educate you and bring more awareness to these often ‘looked over’ topics. You will leave feeling recalibrated and balanced!

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