Healing through sound – Shamanic Journeys and Kundalini Meditation

December 10, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Midnight Baker Warehouse
222 Dominion Rd
Mount Eden, Auckland 1024
New Zealand
Maren Lander
027 532 0249
Healing through sound - Shamanic Journeys and Kundalini Meditation @ Midnight Baker Warehouse | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

In this 3 hour workshop we will combine the teachings of Shamanism and Kundalini Meditation to give you a deeply healing experience through the vehicle of sound.

Using Shamanic drums, the healing Chiron Gong and other percussion instruments as well as Kundalini meditation practices we will take you on a three part healing journey, which will empower you to connect with your own inner ancient wisdom.

The sacred instruments will help to quieten your mind and allow you to go on a journey, that is guided by your soul.

A journey that might take you into the invisible realm of spirit where you have the opportunity to connect with your allies and receive important messages, that can help you on your path.

We will end the workshop with sharing over tea and a healthy treat provided by the Midnight Bakery. You will spend a lot of the time laying on the floor, so please make sure you bring a yoga mat, blanket and cushion and anything else you need to be comfortable. It is also recommended to bring a journal and pen as well as a shawl to cover your eyes.

No previous experience is required. All are welcome.

To book please email Cost $50

Facilitators: Geoff Mercer and Maren Lander

About Geoff:

Geoff has trained in spiritual and shamanic work in New Zealand, in the Andes of Peru, in Bali and in Mongolia and has worked alongside other Shamans and traditional healers. His development as a Shaman has unfolded naturally and intuitively. The techniques and practices he uses are common to Shamanism all over the world.

Drawing on his intuitive knowledge and on his experience in the commercial world as a lawyer, Geoff has adapted these Shamanic techniques so they are accessible for those wanting to explore the unlimited aspects of their nature.

Contact Geoff: 021 656 325

About Maren:

Maren is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner, who works with the plant medicine cacao and sacred sound. She has spend time with Shamans in different parts of the world and uses a combination of techniques that she has found helpful on her own healing journey. Maren is a heart centred, joyful teacher, who holds a safe and expansive space for everyone to grow.

Contact Maren: 027 532 0249