Myofascial Movement & Meditation with Kylie Harris and Andy Munro

October 29, 2017 @ 11:30 am – 3:30 pm
Om Yoga Studio
40 Stonefields Ave
Stonefields, Auckland 1072
New Zealand
Om Yoga Studio
09 212 9579
Myofascial Movement & Meditation with Kylie Harris and Andy Munro @ Om Yoga Studio | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

Learn to unlock your movement potential with Kylie Harris (YogawithKylie) and Andy Munro (Empower Wellington).

This 4 hour workshop will move you through the full range of the movement spectrum, releasing tight tissues, blocks within the mind and the body helping to repair, restore and reinvigorate the tissues.
We will begin with meditation to release blocks in the mind and connect with the PNS and our intentions.
Trigger point therapy and gentle movement along the fascial lines will help to decrease the “fuzz” and also areas of stagnation within the tissues.
This will be accompanied by stability work to bring awareness to the areas of dysfunction and how this is blocking your movement and health potential.
We will then pick things up a little and take the body through the full range of motion, bringing in some fun primal movement and bounce to bring elasticity back to the fascia and playfulness back to our practice.
The workshop will end with a short restorative bringing us back into a powerful meditation to end.
The workshop will be co taught by Kylie and Andy, two self confessed anatomy nerds with a passion for movement, meditation and helping you unlock your true potential.

Date and Time: Sunday 29th October 2017, 11:30-15:30pm

Cost: $120 (Inc Light Lunch)