Shamanic Sound Journey with Maren

September 2, 2017 all-day
The Yoga Corner
489 Khyber Pass Rd (Entrance on Broadway) Newmarket
Shamanic Sound Journey with Maren @ The Yoga Corner

Join Maren on her Sound Journey with the sacred gong, shamanic drums and her voice in order to restore harmony in your body, mind and spirit. Each organism and everything in the Universe has its own frequency and sound is a wonderful way to bring you back “into tune”.

After setting a personal intention you will experience specific sound vibrations that will bring you into a deep state of relaxation in which you might find clarity, physical healing, guidance, a letting go of fears etc.

On a physical level your brain waves will slow down to a Theta state, which one usually only achieves in a deep state of meditation. A magical experience that will leave you refreshed and excited for life.

Date: September 2, Saturday 6.30 pm – 7.45 pm,
Cost: $25

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