Yin Therapy – Yin Yoga & Anatomy Workshop

November 18, 2017 all-day
Studio Evolve
1 Kinzett Terrace
The Wood, Nelson 7010
New Zealand
$119 or $99 Earlybird if paid in full by 20 Oct 2017
Chaitanya Deva
027 570 9985
Yin Therapy - Yin Yoga & Anatomy Workshop @ Studio Evolve | Nelson | New Zealand

International yoga teachers Markus and Karin will take you on a journey to “the other half” of yoga based on the teachings of their mentor, yin yoga and anatomy teacher, Paul Grilley. They will discuss the unique therapeutic qualities and benefits of yin yoga and we will discover why yin yoga is considered to be a vital complementary practice for not only yoga teachers/practitioners but for everyone, especially those suffering from chronic back pain or stress related illnesses.

In the afternoon session, our focus will be on the anatomy of yoga. Following international yoga teacher (and fellow Paul Grilley student) Bernie Clark’s long awaited and hotly discussed book “Your Body, Your Yoga”, yoga students and teachers around the world are recognising the limitations (and potential harm) of the “one alignment for all” rule book.

We will discuss skeletal variation, see for ourselves just how different our bone structures really are and in doing so, discover the shortfall of classic alignment rules. When we understand the importance of respecting our own unique bone structure, we can determine our own individual alignment and consequently discover our own very unique yoga asana practice – maximising the benefits and minimising the risk of injury.

11:00am – 2:00pm & 3:00pm – 6:00pm

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Yin Therapy’s Markus Henning Giess and Karin Michelle Sang are highly experienced yoga teachers having trained extensively with Paul Grilley (with whom Markus also assists), as well as with Bryan Kest and Sarah Powers.

Yin Therapy currently offers teacher training courses, retreats and workshops in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Australia and New Zealand.