Yin Yoga Immersion with Yin Therapy

December 2, 2017 – December 3, 2017 all-day
Sanctuary Hill Retreat
109 Veale Rd
Ridgewood, New Plymouth 4371
New Zealand
$175 / $155 early bird offer (if paid in full by 31 Oct 2017)
Bhavani Davies
021 081 66486
Yin Yoga Immersion with Yin Therapy @ Sanctuary Hill Retreat | New Plymouth | Taranaki | New Zealand

Yin Yoga Foundations

“In the quietude lies the power and out of the quietude arises the power.” (Confucius)

Yin Yoga – the quiet practice is “the other half” of yoga. Yin Yoga turns our attention inwards, to connect to the true essence of ourselves. It is the complementary practice to all yang forms of exercise, be it yang styles of yoga, dance or rugby. As our lives become more fast-paced and stressful, people are increasingly drawn to the powerful practice of Yin Yoga.

Using long-held poses without muscle tension, Yin Yoga stimulates the fascia – the connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, joints resulting in a deeply relaxing practice while creating “space” in the body, de-stressing the mind and re-energising the soul.

This foundation workshop explains:
– What is Yin Yoga? What is Yang Yoga?
– What are the advantages of both yin and yang yoga?
– How do they complement one another?
– Stress and back pain and Yin Yoga as a “therapeutic touch”

You will then experience a deeply stimulating and relaxing Yin Yoga class. In this class, you will be guided within, to listen to your body and learn how to modify the asanas to respect your individual bone structure and in doing so, you will discover your own tailor-made alignment and asana practice. After this workshop, you will come away with a new appreciation and understanding for your wonderfully and unique body.

Yoga Anatomy

The backbone of Yin Yoga is yoga anatomy from a functional perspective. Did you ever wonder why you can’t tie your legs in a pretzel in Lotus pose or why some people love shoulder stand and others not?

We uncover the mystery behind these and other anatomically questions by explaining the importance of understanding skeletal variation – our individual and unique bone structure. Skeletal variation affects every yoga pose we practice. Through a series of practical tests, you will understand that there is no one alignment for all, but rather an individual alignment which respects your unique body which will benefit your own practice as well as the teaching of not only Yin Yoga, but all forms of yoga, dance, sport, massage and bodywork.

Compression vs. Tension
Function vs Aesthetics
Skeletal Variation – “It’s All in the Bones”
Analysis of a yoga pose

Skeletal variation tests and practical consequences for yang yoga asanas and assists – such as lotus, shoulder stand, pigeon, down dog, warrior, etc.

We analyse the following asanas in detail:
Lotus – external rotation of the hip joint
Reclining hero pose – internal rotation of the hip joint

We will discuss the following issues:
• What restrictions does my individual bone structure impose on me?
• How different is it from other people’s bone structure?
• Will I or my students ever manage to get into the lotus position or achieve a “perfect” pigeon etc?
• Where are the areas of compression and tension within my individual bone structure? How do I deal with it?
• How can I stretch and stimulate the tissues when compression is constricting me?
• What is the physical function of a yoga pose?

This workshop is suitable for yoga students and teachers alike.

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