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The Yoga Connection - Featured Yogi: Nic Robson

Name: Nik Robson
Studio: Unattached
Years teaching: 3
Years practicing: 5
Favourite yoga style: Yin

What time of the day do you prefer to practice?
Sunrise and sunset. I like to harmonise with the rhythms of nature.

What has been a major influence on your yoga journey?
Getting injured. A divine sign from my body to slow down and tune in.

One thing you’ve learnt on your travels as a yogi?
To listen to intuition.

What’s your usual practice look like?
I like to welcome the rising sun with something strong and flowing. As the sun sets I’ll slow down with some yin or moon hatha.

Favourite after-class snack?
Smashed avo and a green smoothie.

What do you hope all your students take away from a class with you?
To feel empowered and inspired.

Favourite mantra or quote?
2016 was an intense year for many of us, myself included. This mantra served me well during difficult times: Stay open, even when it’s hard.

Share something your students might be surprised to know about you:
In my past life I studied at college in the States on a soccer scholarship.

Where in New Zealand are you drawn to and why?
My favourite place in NZ is the natural hot pools in Taupo. I’m here right now. Its beauty always blows my mind and reminds me that magic is real.

Photo credit: Pete Longworth

Thank you so much, Nik!

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