Like Sands Through The Hourglass…

1. Lunchtime and mock cream donuts

When I was at college and Mum and I had had words in the morning I would come home at lunchtime and we’d make up. Yes, I was a ridiculous teenager. I was foul but couldn’t bear my mother to be mad at me.

If she was home she’d have bought me lunch. Without fail it would be a ham roll and mock cream donut from the diary up the road. I’d remove the ham (vegetarianism hadn’t entered my life yet but ugh, ham) and chow down on a soft white bread roll with butter and grated cheddar. The highlight though was the mock cream donut. To this day I’m glad I don’t know if they’re still around or not because I’m already on a steady downward slope towards scurvy and they were irresistible.

But oh, yes yes yes, those donuts. I’d pull it apart trying to smear enough cream on each half and then devour it as well as lick the bag. Does anyone remember doing that? Tad ashamed I used to ask to have other peoples’ bags to lick too. Such a laydee.

All remnants of lunch gone, I’d often settle in and watch one of the daytime soaps. Twenty minutes of Days Of Our Lives and I’d be transported to another world. Between the years of 1982-84, despite the murders, returning twins and devilish behaviour of everyone at same stage, nothing actually happened past the build up.

I haven’t watched daytime TV since those days but the soft focus lenses, hair extensions, pancake makeup and oh, so long drawn out dramas are still around.

It’s just called Instagram. Hehe.

2. Firefly

It’s a yoga pose that sounds like Titty-something in Sanskrit (best to Google info than ask me anything) and I’ve seen it look so beautiful and easy. Ha!

I haven’t attempted it for a couple of years so when the Vinyasa class today was designed towards this asana I was excited.

I did the first one and nailed it which was hugely satisfying. Then I popped on up again fully expecting to do the same and fell flat on my face. I don’t think I’ve ever face-planted before. Not quite so satisfying.

It did have an element of drama though which if only captured on a soft focus lens could’ve been a perfect short film entry.

3. A new story

“Making a new narrative for yourself is hopeful.”

“Rather than escaping your life, it’s more a case of stepping into your life.”

I read or heard something along these lines recently and it struck a chord. Being a qualified over-thinker from way back I wouldn’t want to add up the time spent going round and round in circles caught up in memories and actions that are over and done with.

Rather than fall back into the habit of old thought patterns when overwhelmed I’d prefer to take charge of life going forwards, even when all the ducks aren’t sitting in neat, tidy rows. For me, right now at this GLORIOUS age, a new story is good.

And it certainly doesn’t need to be a soap opera.

Are you old enough to remember those soaps? Or those donuts?

And are you with me on being the star of your own narrative? I’d love to hear.

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