Oranges For Your Stocking

The sun’s out today and it smells summery. It really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Hurrah! We’re all about the Pohutukawas and cicadas and the warm, disintegrating rubbery feel of your yoga mat after leaving it outside for too long.

It’s the right time for saying thank you very much for supporting this new venture. I’m grateful and thrilled and a little tired, but mostly just so pleased that many of you seem to have received this idea with enthusiasm.

Since launching The Yoga Connection I’ve received some messages that I’ve tucked away to be looked at again when some uplifting is needed – probably tomorrow – and I’d like to send you a heartfelt combined Thank You and Happy Holidays. (What?! We said no gifts remember…)

Some wishes I hope you embrace, from my heart to yours, this Christmas:

  • Wear a bikini or take your shirt off without thinking twice. You’ve nurtured that gorgeous body of yours each and every time you’ve rolled your mat out. Even if it was just once or twice, remember how wonderful you felt and get your kit off. You’re beautiful!
  • Nourish yourself inside and out. Eat seasonal goodness in the best condition you can get it. Eat mindfully and thankfully. At the same time you should eat ice cream because it’s summer. Never give up ice cream (or a vegan alternative. I know my audience).
  • Spend honest time with your family and friends. Honest, in that you need to look at them and listen and appreciate how they make up the fabric of your life. Take ‘how are you?’ to a whole new level. Mean it.
  • Read. Read everything you can get your hands on because stories are oxygen. Lose yourself in another time and place. Let the words be part of this summer’s memories. I wish you excellent books.
  • Mixed tapes are good too.
  • Late nights and early mornings. Laaaaaazy days.
  • Full-fat, caffeinated coffee. Just one, or two.
  • Soft grass, warm sand, clear water, wild surf, gentle breezes, drizzly rain, and quiet neighbours. Unless you’re the one making noise.
  • Maximum sunshine. Maximum sunblock with no nasty ingredients.
  • Be excited and spontaneous and stop measuring your words. Give yourself a break and say the first thing that comes into your head.
  • Say yes.
  • Have a break from scrolling through your phone. Just use it to take actual calls and to find your children. Be present.
  • Get inverted. Keep throwing yourself around all over the place* till your handstand stays upright.
  • Be still. Be quiet. Breathe. Ignore the voices in your head that keep going whahoo, I’m meditating. Sigh.
  • Stretch your gorgeous self every morning and be thankful for this yoga journey.

I wish you a splendid, fantabulous summer break and the most seasonal greetings you could possibly fit in your beach bag. The Blog will rest its weary bones for a couple of weeks but everything else is open for business. So, please do keep in touch and, of course, I’d love it if you join me in paying it forward.

– Namaste x

*Not a recognised yoga instruction.

©The Yoga Connection

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