Pattern Recognition

1. Other drivers

All day, every day, I curse at other drivers.

Before yoga, after yoga and sometimes during yoga (thinking about you Mr Wagging-Your-Finger at me when I was obviously late to class and you were going thirty in a fifty zone AND it seems you could lip read) I jump from completely neutral to a hot burning rage.

Even when I get in the car after a beautiful practice, all floaty and NICE, as soon as I start the car and carefully pull out onto the road the potential for crazy is immediate. Everything’s fine until it’s not and then, BAM! Somebody gone done me wrong!*

I would very much like to change this and, in facto, work on it daily. And then BAM! Things get shouty in my head and out of my mouth falls the filthiest language ever. Not proud.

Consider this a work in progress.

*This is an accent of mixed southern American, bit inbred of the mountains, but can sing a damn fine country tune.

2. I eat the whole packet

Chocolate, crackers, nuts… Anything that moves easily from my hand to my mouth gets taken in at a fast rate of knots and then there’s nothing left. I’m as shocked as anyone!

Not sure what to do about this little doozy.

3. I am a *magnificent stress bunny…

… who, at the flip of a coin, can talk myself into such a position of zen I’m practically horizontal.

I mean that literally. Once, years ago, I decided to throw a dinner party. Like a grown up. Except I wasn’t quite at that stage of grown up-ness and wrote out a sophisticated menu of things I’d never cooked before and then told everyone what to expect.

I told everyone what to expect! No wonder they all came. It was purely for the entertainment.

Anyway I was so stressed I de-stressed myself by going to bed thirty minutes before everyone was due to arrive, was woken by knocking at the door and served pears in a bowl in lieu of ‘poached pears in a light syrup’ which I have still never made.

Nor plan to.

Very much working on turning this exhausting state of behaviour around. Also very much crossing all my fingers and toes.


Got any behavioural patterns you’d like to share? I’m here for you!

Photo by Pim Chu

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